Kianna’s 9th Birthday 

Thought I would share something a bit different. This year Kianna’s birthday lands when we were away at the cottage. Kianna is turning 9 years old. Since it will not only be us as a family at cottage and their will be other family & friends I thought we could do a simple and easy birthday celebration this year. Kianna loves the idea of spending the day at the beach for her birthday so we are going with that. I also thought we would decorate the cottage in a simple way to give it more of a birthday feel the day of Kianna’s birthday. Kianna and I went out and bought a few things for her birthday at the cottage. She also wants me to make her birthday cake and since I will not be at home with all my supplies. I am thinking of bringing some supplies to bake her cupcakes and decorate them to go with the theme in decorations she picked out.

Here are the simple birthday supplies she picked out in her favorite theme, she is all about zebra print and pink, if you couldn’t tell from her Room Makeover post I share a few months ago.

Kiannas 9th party 4

Well, now that was what was planned for her birthday, but it didn’t turn out that way. It was raining most of the day on Kianna’s birthday so the planned beach birthday plans went down hill. No way was her Birthday celebration not going to happened, it turned out to be better then I ever thought. Kianna had the best time and said it was the best party.
Our family friend looked into what was in the area of our cottage that we could do. Luckily the rained stopped, but the weather still wasn’t beach like weather. Very greatful to these friends that found an amazing place and without telling any of us put it all together including the birthday cake and surprised us all with Kianna’s amazing 9th Birthday Party at a Ranch.

Here are a few pictures.

Kiannas 9th party
This Round Ranch was huge and the staff there are so amazing and awesome. Staff member “Peaches” was so wonderful and amazing with the kids and could answer any questions we had. She explained each activity and was always around for any help. There were so many things for the kids to do. I would high recommend this place to anyone. If you are in the area of Elmvale, ON it’s an awesome place to check out and enjoy with the kids. Not only for a birthday party, but even for a fun day out with the kids. During different seasons they offer special activities according to season. Everyone at Kianna’s party loved it and really enjoyed being there. In the barn party room, it is very roomy and they offer a fridge and freezer for you to use if needed to store any food or drinks.

Kiannas 9th party2There were so many animals to see, they also had many animals that you could actually go inside and visit them and some even you could pet. You need to see their mazes, they have a  normal size one, not to small & not too big, but there is a huge one as well. Such a beautiful place, they have cats and dogs on site that are so friendly and will walk up to you.

At the end of the party, Kianna got a wonderful gift from our party host.

kiannabirthdayEveryone who was at her party got to sign the back of the shirt.

After our fun filled evening we headed back to the cottage for present time.Kiannas 9th party3

After a week or 2 of being home, Kianna got something special in the mail from her party host.kiannabirthday 5Kianna was so happy to get a personal thank you card from her host. I think it was so sweet of them to send one. I think Kianna will remember this birthday for many years to come.

Have you ever had Birthday plans go wrong and had to think of something quick? If you would like to share comment below.

This is not a sponsored post. The opinions shared are my own from my experience spent at Rounds Ranch.


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