Easy DIY Plate Decor


My mother recently had some parts of their home re-painted a different color and the plates she had on display no longer matched her walls. She search many places to find some but didn’t have any luck. She remembered how I am always up to some kind of diy and asked if I could do something for her. She provided me with two plates that are shown in the above picture. Of course I took on the job and went out to Michael’s and bought Gold Craftsmart Metallic Paint and the rest of supplies I had on hand already (paint brushes in different sizes). 

Once things settled at home and the kids went to bed I search the net (google), found some ideas but nothing that hit me enough to do. As I was sitting at my desk looking at the plate I got the idea to paint the whole plate gold. It needed about 3 coats. Yes, it was a really late night, but I couldn’t sleep til the job was done. While waiting in between coats I worked on my own projects to help pass time. Once all coats were done and the paint was dry I took the top of a skinny paint brush to scratch out the gold and made my own design just by random selecting spots.It was a quick turn out. I took more time with certain parts as I didn’t want to mess it up. 

I think it turned out nicely & my mom liked it so job done. The picture below shows the finished product.


Want to be featured on my blog? Do you have an easy DIY you would to be featured on my blog? Email me at realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com with your easy DIY and you may be selected to have yours featured on my blog.


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