I Hate You Lice!

Never in my life as a mom did I have to deal with any of my kids catching head lice until this year, yes I personally caught it from school when I was a child and have some memories of what my mom did and what I went thru, but never in my 13 years of being a mom did I have to deal with it! I was totally uneducated about it, I did know it comes from head contact and there was a treatment out there that you would need to get and do if it ever happened, but that’s all I knew! During school year my school girls always had hair spray on and my son wears gel. I would check my kid’s head every 1-2 weeks during school year, but once school was out I never checked and the hair spray/gel on hairs stopped unless there was an occasion that I needed their hair to stay a certain way.

Never did I think it would happen to my household, but guess what this summer it did & let me tell you it was not a simple process, checking hair & treating hair, was a massive task! First of course I ran out and bought the treatment and even treated the ones that did not have any, even the pharmacist agree would be a good idea, to be on the safe side. I then took all rooms apart and washed and dried everything and anything, including car seats, deep cleaning of the car, vacuuming mattress, and the list goes on. Everything that couldn’t be washed or dried were put in bags and sealed for 2 weeks and the rest I just tossed. I had very many late nights searching, learning about lice, treating lice, and how to clean certain things in our home.

Did you know lice need humans to live? Lice can not live on a house pet & die within 24-48hrs when not on a human. Nits (lice eggs) need our body heat that is released from out heads to help them hatch. Did you know a baby lice becomes an adult within 2 days? Crazy & gross, right!

I feel for my child & children who I had to be checked &/or treat as the process is so lengthily that now when I call one of the girls to come do their hair (just regular brush & style) they start saying “no let ….. go first” where they never did that. Even the ones who didn’t have the lice, and the process of checking is very long. For my little ones I would have the IPad on YouTube and let then pick something to watch to help distract them from the amount of time it takes. It is so stressful on the parent as it adds lots of extra laundry, longer time getting hair done, & extra cleaning.

Some extra steps I took was everyday changing bedsheets, pillows & blankets in the dryer for 50 mins. Daily vacuuming of upstairs (I already vacuum daily on our main floor), double vacuuming of the few area rugs we have on the main floor, checking hair twice a day morning & night, disinfecting their washroom & bedrooms.

Did you also know the brush included in the kit at your pharmacy is not effective? The plastic grips are too spaced which means it does not remove the nits (lice eggs) and will not remove baby lice? You need to do it by hand piece by piece. Well first treatment which I bought from my local Shopper’s Drug Mart I did as directed with that knowledge of what I learned afterwards which I just mentioned above. Also, the treatment at the local pharmacy is full of pesticides which are harmful.

I came to learned about this company which will come out to your home to check all members, treat them, & then show you to re-apply treatment which needs to be done 7 days after the first treatment, they also show you what to look for. They also have a brush that not only removes the lice but the nits too. This company is called Lice Squad. Now there are fees for their services. There is another option of buying their kit which includes their solution that is pesticide & chemical free, a brush, seeing glasses with light which the lens are strong so be careful when using them, and the AMAZING brush.I love that the solution isn’t strong smelling and since you can add it to conditioner, olive oil, or coconut oil it smells nice. I was amazed to see how much more came out that you could never see with your own eye and without that brush after I had already treated with the pharmacy bought kit. It was a very long process and very stressful. I wouldn’t wish this to any parent or child.

This is the kit from your local pharmacy, which I would not recommend after my experience.
lice 2

This is the kit from lice squad which was bought at a Melons Head salon in Toronto.
lice 1

I never knew that lice don’t like Tea Tree Oil, not only is it used to repel lice it’s very good for our hair and other parts of your body. There is a strong scent to it, but after what I went thru I don’t mind it. So I have put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in everyone’s shampoo. Mixing it with the shampoo makes the strong smell less then if just using directly.

Here is a photo of the brush for you to see the big difference.
lice 3

Here are some items I had around the house that I used to pour the olive oil and solution in (the red bowl) measure the solution & olive oil, & what I used to mix it together.
lice 4One more important item I used was a shower cap, which sorry I threw out and forgot to take a picture of. You can use any type of shower cap. I used the ones you get at Dollarama, the cheap plastic type which come a few in a pack. Which works awesome and does the job. No need to buy expensive ones as you will not re-use them and they are to be tossed.

One of my friends actually found a post on a mommy’s group of a product that is used on kids & adults that repels lice while also being a dangler. There was also another mom who showed a shampoo which is from the same brand. Which both products can be bought at Shopper’s Drug Mart so guess who will be going out in the search for it?? Lol, me. Once I have purchased the product I will share with you what it looks like and cost. Once I have used it enough to do a review on it I will share with you all my thoughts.

I am so glad it is over and I can finally go back to our normal busy lives, but I must say with it now being the school year I am always checking my kids for it as I am so terrified of them returning. Apparently lice has been harder to get rid of,  I saw it on Global News and it has freaked me out even more, as it says September on-wards is the worst time of year and more cases are found & many treatments not working as good as in the past.

Have you had to deal with head lice? What worked for you?  Any tips or methods you did? If you would like to share comment below.

This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own from my experience with dealing with this issue and products used. By no means am I a lice expert even tho from my experience & all the information I read I feel like one, lol. These suggestions are based on what worked & didn’t work for me and my family. I thought I would share my experience with you as there might be someone looking for some advice just like I was. For my child’s privacy, I will not share which of my children had or didn’t have head lice.


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  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you for your feedback and sharing your experience. It helps to break the stigma.

    1. Love to share! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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