Pumpkin DIY

Thought I would share a DIY with you all. I went to Michaels during their fall sale and bought a few items at really great prices.

I wanted some pumkins to go with my fall decor for the bottom of my fireplace. This is a super easy DIY. The stickers are very easy to work with and apply. I first cleaned the pumkins with damp paper towel and then dried them with a microfibre dish cloth, to insure no dust etc was on them. I picked which sticker decor I wanted for each one and then got to it.

This is what I ended up with. How cute are they? I love them! I played around with the decor stickers for the little cream pumkin and the left over of that was added to the large pumkin so that it wasn’t just an I.

Everything used was bought from Michael’s. I really love Michael’s as my craft shopping place, they have everything you need in one store. I also love their store for other home decor items that are already done up. They always have a sale on something and if your item isn’t on sale they always have a coupon running.

Here is where they live in our home for the fall season & to my surprise Madison (3 1/2 yrs old) has left them alone, lol.

Do you have an easy Fall DIY you would like to share? I always love to see ideas and creations, comment below.

Due to my current computer issues these are unedited pictures and content is being typed from my wordpress app. Since it’s been awhile of me posting and still having computer issues I really wanted to post something for you all so please bare with me. Thanks 


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