Book Review: Blog Inc. By: Joy Deangdeerlert Cho

I am pretty new at blogging and still got lots to learn. I do spend time online researching for tips, advice, & learning material. At some point in the near future, I would like to take my blog to the next level, before doing so I want to learn more things and programs before doing so. I would also like to research my options more. I have a plan to take the next step by Fall 2016. I have been a fan of Jennifer Ross’s blog Pretty Neat Living (presiously known as Organized Like Jen) & YouTube channel for at least 2 years. After watching YouTuber Jennifer Ross from Pretty Neat Living on her review of Blog Inc. it made it clear I must read that book. So I decided to purchase the book off of amazon.

I have nothing but good things to say about this book, I was reading it every chance I got. The advice they offer is true and come from real well known Bloggers and their experiences. I would highly recommend this book to any blogger that is interested in learning more to improve their blog or if your thinking of starting a blog. This book gives you step by step instructions, amazing tips, and advice. It also gives you tips and advice about blogging platforms, soical media, etc…

What I have learned about blogging for myself was that it really started out as a hobby and nothing more, but it has turned into a passion and I have discovered how much I love blogging and sharing. I have figured out how to balance my life to include blogging. Next year a big change is happening in my life that I am excited and nervous about at the same time, lol. I will not go into detail about it now, but soon enough I sure will be sharing.

Do you have any blogging advice or tips to share? Know a good book for bloggers? Comment below.


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