Finally-My New Car

Im so excited to have my new car. I love her and think she’s a beauty. Now if you recall my blog post of Bye bye old, Hello to the new you would know that this wasn’t even on the list of what I was looking into and considering getting. Well, after I published that post I opened up to more options and I am glad I did. I found this beauty.

Infinite Q60 2015

The truck space is bigger then my last SUV and with a family of 6 we sure need any added space. The seating is so comfortable. & this is a 7 passenger car, the back seats have so much more leg room, especially in the very back seats. So many options to choose from, easy to control, smooth drive, and lots more. I am not  all about cars and their features, so to explain all the features won’t be happening, lol.

I always wanted a white car and I am so happy to finally have one.

I am having some photo editting issues, so I am unable to provide more pictures at this time. Once those issues are solved I will share more with you. This is also an older post that was suppose to go up in September.

This is not a sponsored posted all opinions are my own.


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