OmniCloth Review

Recently I was given an OmniCloth to try out. At first,I was a little unsure how well it would work on mirrors and glass as I have tried a lot of things and different methods to stop the streaking and not much luck. What I was using before the OmniCloth was just a vinegar & water mixer which wasn’t too bad but still wasn’t fully happy, but it was better then Windex and other products I have tried.

Well let me tell you this cloth is amazing. All I had to do was wet with water, twist the cloth, wipe and walk away. No streaks, no water marks. I have an all glass office desk which I was starting to regret buying after all the streaks left behind after cleaning it, but now no more OMG I am soooo happy.

Here’s the office desk.

After seeing how well my office desk turned out I continued with my mirrors, electronic screens, my espresso dinning table (which loves finger prints), my console in the dinningroom (which has a marble top finish), the list continues and I was in Ah and loved it.

Now for my stainless steel appliances is were I was disappointed and it looked awful, but the product info claims to do stainless and leave it shiny and streak free. So, I was disappointed and thought what to do. Well, I contact Melissa (the person I got it from) and she asked me “did you use to use stainless steel cleaner products on them” and my answer was “yes of course” well that was the problem. She advised me that these stainless steel products leave a load of residue on the appliances and so I was going to need to get that residue off by cleaning them with the just paper towel and water a couple of times and that once all the residue was off the cloth would work. Guess what she was right. It took my appliances to look awful with just wiping with water, leaves lots of marks, but once all that residue was off the cloth worked like a charm. Leaving them clean and shinning.

I also used this cloth to wash down all my windows on the main floor from the inside, sliding door inside out, & my front door inside out. Love love love!

I would totally recommend this. I love this item so much I ordered 5 more. This way I have one to leave on each floor and to have others in back up for when the others are in the wash. I am never without one on hand.

If you are interested in getting the OmniCloth you can contact Melissa, and she will be able to help you with any questions and take your order.

The pricing is as follows;
1 Cloth $6.00, 3 Cloths $15.00, & 5 Cloths $20.00

I totally think it’s worth the price. Think of all the money you will save.You can save money buy not buying products and save on the amount of paper towels you use when cleaning.

The maintenance of the cloths are so easy: In the washing machine (not with towels as towels have loads of lint), it bleachable (which is amazing), and just hang to dry. Oh and its also advised not to use Fabric softener.

Using less chemicals to clean and cut time brings a big smile of my face. As a mom of four sometimes I don’t have a whole lot of time to be scrubbing streaks from places I just cleaned. Streak free also brings joy to my cleaning.

This is not a sponsored post. Realhousewifeandmom is not being paid on any sales of this item. This is truly my opinion from my experience with this product.


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