Getting ready for fall/winter

Fall\Winter prep is a big chore and can easily get pushed over. I start deep cleaning of the top floor (bedroom floor) 2 weeks after school starts as that’s when normally we have adjusted to our new back to school routine. Once all bedrooms, closets, & bathrooms are all done, I start changing over the girls clothes from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter. Then comes all the washing of Spring/Summer jackets & shoes.

(FYI I love this Rubbermaid spray mop)
Then once the top floor is completed, I start on our main floor, deep clean of everything & organizing. Once that is all done, I break out all of Fall decor and get that all done.


I start cleaning up the garden the last week in September, pull out anything dead, wash things down. My husband takes care of packing up the backyard patio and kids items. My husband also gets the garage ready by giving the floor a good power wash and all the kids stuff packed away. The first week of October I cut down any plant or flower that requires, and since I do the garden clean up first, it makes this task somuch easier and quicker. In less the half hour every is done.

I do not do all this in one day of course, with four kids and everyday life I spilt the chores up into a few days. This is where my note size post it notes come very handy in planning things out. I am no superwomen and in some years (especially when the kids were younger) it sometimes would like me a lot longer to complete these steps.

I am by no means an expert just like to share what has and is working for me and my family.

Would you like to share how you get ready for the season? Or share any tips/advice? Comment below.


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