Michaels Haul

Here’s my Michaels haul. I just posted a blog post on Pumpkin DIY which some of these items where used for it.

I am sure you can tell by now how much I love Michaels, from crafting items, home decor, to storage and more they have it all. I love that there is always items on sale and if my item isn’t I always have a coupon I can use so it’s like it is on sale.

How cute does this soap dispenser look over the kitchen sink?

I changed out a vase I have on my kitchen island from apples to these lovely decorative pumpkins.   

I recently just bought one more to add to this as it looks a bit low. These are from Michaels Fall Automne collection and are originally $12.99 plus tax but I bought them during their fall sale and got them for five dollars and change.

Also, not from the same day but another Michael’s fall decor item I bought was this beautiful center piece for my dinningroom table. 

 Another steal might I add, originally priced for $99.99 plus tax and I scored it at 60% off. I love a good deal.
Lastly just wanted to say that pink storage bin you see in the photo are really great. In another Michael’s haul I bought a white, clear one to try out. I at times work on paper projects or painting items and don’t like to leave everything out in a mess when I don’t have time to complete it. So, I bought the white one in past and tried it out and loved it. I believe a lot of scarp bookers use them to store the scarp paper or current scrapbook items they are using. I use mine for projects I am currently working on. If the items dont fit for the lid to close I leave it open but it looks neater then leaving it all over my desk.

Do you love Michaels as much as I do? If you would like to share your deal finds or hauls comment below or email me ar realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com I would love to see them.


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