Date Nights With Your Kids

With four kids, I have come to realize how important one on one special time with the kids are. I have to be honest, we have always done a one on one special days with our kids expect for with Ava (4 1/2yrs old) & Madison (3 1/2 years old) only because they are at the age that they like being together with all of us and we do special days like a “Girls movie night out” or where we as awhole family go to the movies or out to eat. Even simple at home things like craft time, have a pj & movie day, we enjoy baking together as well. I find that right now it is important to do the individual special time with the two older ones, Tyler (12 years old) & Kianna (9 years old). I always do something with one or the other at home individually, but I am talking about going out of the home like a special treat. With younger siblings sometimes they can take over the attention the older kids should get only because they are more needy at this time in their life. Some examples we have done is mother and son day, mother and daughter day and same for my hubby with them. 

We have done a movie out, a shopping evening, a special dinner out. Kianna and I enjoy doing little things like going to Tim Hortons drive (which is 15mins away so 15 there and 15 back gives us half hour) we talk or sometimes just play loud music and sing along together. This gives us the opportunity with our children to only forus on them, to talk about anything and everything they want too. They get our full attention and we get to tell them how much we love them, how proud we are of them, etc.. without any interruptions. Everynight we kiss our children goodnight and say a prayer. After that if there was anything they want to talk about we do and let them know how much we love them. It grows the bond stronger between us. 

I came up with this idea when Madison was a few months old, at that time I was so overwhelmed with a newborn & toddler, house chores, older kid’s homework, that when I got it all done all I wanted was to shower and be in bed. Once things calmed down I deicided to put this new idea into place and my husband was all for it. Tyler being the only boy loves his alone time and his special days out with his dad doing boy things. Kianna loves her alone time & her special days out with me as I make it big in sense we get all dressed up and I let her put on colored lip gloss. My son and I also love our time for we get to talk about  anything without any interruptions. Kianna gets to bond more with her dad as they share their days. It is important no matter what size family you have to spend time and plan special days out with them individually. It grows the bond between a parent and child so much bigger. Honestly they love having that one on one attention and get very happy that you planned something special to do with them.

As a whole family, we always do fun things together and that is important too. It is also very important to do it with the younger children like we do but it’s more simple and less planned out, only until they reach that age too and then they too will get the same as Tyler & Kianna. 

I am always looking for new ideas for these special days if you have any and would like to share comment below.



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