Planning for the Holidays 

Hi, I was intending to get this post up a few weeks ago, but run into somethings which if you haven’t seen & are interested in reading click here on that blog post.

Getting ready for the holidays can get stressful with so much to do. If you take some time ahead of the game to plan everything out it can really help keep the stress low or even none at all. For myself and my family I start taking out the planner (for dates) and my Holiday notebook, which I use to plan things out for the Christmas season. It’s a very simple and does the job perfectly.

Here’s a look at it.

I also use this for New Years party planning when it’s my year to host. Very simple post it note (small) to divide the two.

I know for sure our Christmas Tree always goes up either the very next day after Remembrance Day or that weekend. So, that’s why I use my planner next to my planning out notebook to have easy access to dates and month at a glance. If your interested in reading my Planner Review check out my Erin Condren Planner review

In my holiday planner for the Christmas season here is a list of what I plan:

  1. Christmas Card List
  2. Teacher’s Gift List
  3. Christmas Gift List
  4. Santa Gift Tracker
  5. Stocking Gifts
  6. Family Christmas Party Gathering Plans/Menu planning
  7. Food Shopping For Gathering
  8. House-To Do List (week of gathering)
  9. Day Before Gathering-To Do List

I separate Teacher’s gift list from my other gift list because I tend to always by those first way ahead of time so that they are ready to be sent to school on the last day before Christmas Break.

I have a list for Santa Gift tracker as we open our family gifts Christmas Eve night and in the morning of Christmas Day stockings and Santa gifts are opened. It makes it easier to keep track and insure it is equal per child & same reason for the Stocking gift list.

Normally Christmas Eve is with my husband’s side of the family & Christmas Day is with my side of the family. So with that being said we host a day for family & friends to gather at our place for our annual Christmas dinner. Lots of planning is necessary and so I leave #6-9 last in the Christmas planning section so that I have many pages to plan everything out.

With a family of 6, things need to be planned out ahead of time so that I am not stressed out and I start my lists early and the rest on time. I normally start writing my Christmas cards last week of November so that they are ready to send out by December 7th.

I think no matter what size family you have, planning makes everyone’s stress level lower and more enjoyable. I am no way an expert but thought I would share with you all what works for my family & I.

If you would like to share your ideas, tips, or ways you get ready comment below or email me at


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