Book Review: The life-changing magic of tidying up By: Marie Kondo

With all the attention this book bought to social media I knew I would have to read it for myself. Total honestly is here as always in my blog posts. The minute I started reading this book I could not put it down. The life-changing magic of tidying up By Marie Kondo was awesome. It sure is an interesting read and even tho you may not agree with everything in the book, there are amazing tips, advice, & methods. A lot of the quotes in the book, really gets you thinking. I am always cleaning, organizing, & purging throughout the year, but parts of this method I really want to try out.

With the holidays around the corner and still got one toddler home with me I don’t think now is the time for me. I am thinking next year before my Fall/Winter prep. I may even delay that chore until I do this method. With having Madison home, and it being her last year I do not want to waste time doing certain things. Even if I can, I would stop many times as she requires a lot of my attention and always wants to be eating, lol. With that being said I think I would feel overwhelmed by the chore and end up giving up without completing the taks. What I am thinking is September/October 2016 to launch my home series of purging using some of Marie Kondo’s tips, advice, & methods, I would like to take you along for that journey. This way I am kid free during the day and have more time to complete a task. After reading this book, a few things that I remember I have that for some reason I can’t let go of, it’s not like I am using them, they are not on display but still have a hard time lettting certain things go. Well, thanks to this advice from this book and the inspiration I now realize and am ready to let them all go. So, I am excited to go into this journey and hope you enjoy following it. If you would like to purge or need a push to start I differently recommend you reading this book. 

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? Have you tried the method? Want to share comment below, would love to hear.


This is not a sponsored post, all is my opinion on the book.


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  1. MultiTestingMom says:

    I would really like to read this book too!

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