New Year’s Party Planning

Christmas is this week, can’t  believe how fast it came. We here at our house are all ready for Christmas and with New Year’s not to far I thought I would share my New Year’s Party Planning since we are hosting the party this year. My favourite notebook was used again, just like you saw in my blog post on Planning for the Holidays


In my holiday planner for  our New Year’s Party here is a list of what I plan:

  1. Guest List (listing all guests invited)
  2. Confirmed Guest List (RSVP’d, number of people attending including columns to mark of adult’s,children’s, & babies)
  3. Food (appetizers, main, desserts, seafood,)
  4. Shopping List
  5. To Do List
  6. To Do List-Day Before Party
  7. To Do List-Day of Party

I find that when I plan everything ahead of time it is easier for me to pull off parties with less stress. With four kids you can never plan out what mood they wake up in the day of the party (especially Ava 5yrs old & Madison almost 4yrs old). All guests are invited in the beginning of December so that everyone has enough time to respond. Also, I do not send invites out formally. It’s a simple text/email/phone call.

I like to get all my house cleaning done the week of the party, this way the day before I only have to tidy up and do quick clean up tasks. Also, all my shopping of décor, dry goods, & items that you can buy ahead of time get done in 2 days so that I am not overwhelmed & also I am not dragging the kids out all day. Normally the Monday and Wednesday of that week is my days. Everything that can only get picked up the day of that is my husband’s job.

I turned to Pinterest for the ideas. Any recipes/games/décor ideas I want to do, I print them out ahead of time (2 weeks before) so I am well prepared to do them and have everything required on hand. Expect for the food ideas, normally décor ideas & games I want to have get done the Monday before the party in the evening once my two younger kids (Ava & Madison)are in bed. There is only one game that I can not do until the day before as it has to do with balloons. Growing up I remember that all our New Year’s parties had this game and I loved it. We haven’t done it in a long time so I thought I would surprise everyone and have it this year. Something similar to what we do I have pinned. We will be doing it from our livingroom ceiling and each balloon will be filled with money & at midnight the balloons will drop and we will pop them.

I am not at a professional at party planning, just thought I would share what works for our family with you all.

Are you planning a New Year’s Party? & want to share your tips/advice/ideas. Do you have fun traditions you want to share? Comment below or email me at



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