January 2016 Challenge: First Day January 3rd, 2016

January 3rd, 2016, this day is an easy task day which is clearly explained in the post Let’s Get Started 2016 which has the Schedule posted.

For those just joining and would like to know what I am talking about click the link above to direct you to the post. I hope you join us on our challenge.

Also, I think a good way to keep on top of my posts for this challenge is to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a post, if you are not already.

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I am excited to get started as some areas of my home got a little out of hand over this holiday season. Also, this will help me get on track to take down all my holiday decor. Who still has their Christmas/Holiday decor up? In my home, I only start to take down my Christmas decor after January 1st expect for my Christmas tree & living room Christmas decor as they get taken down after January 5th, but if you still have yours up and don’t have a set date to take things down I would start taking down the decor today to help speed the tasks scheduled on the upcoming days.

Remember the declutter bin/baskets/containers you did today to put each one in the room they belong and remember when the day of that room comes to also put away those items in there places.

Feel free to share this challenge with your family & friends who you think would love to join in.





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