Valentines Ideas for Couples

It’s February already, feels like January just started. Welcome February, and with that being said Valentine’s Day is around the corner. When I was younger & first dating Amar, Valentines was a big thing but after 17 1/2 yrs together (13 1/2 yrs married) it’s not a big thing anymore. After my first born, we started turning down the high of Valentine’s. Don’t get me wrong it’s still very special, but after many years we have made it simple but still very special.

We don’t do expensive gifts anymore, hubby normally brings home flowers or roses for me and our 3 daughters and something special for our son. At times yes, we plan and get a babysitter and go for dinner or like last yesterday we went away for the weekend with other couples (no kids), & we had a great time. There has been years where we do simple things at home after the kids go to bed like:

  1. Have a movie date night at home
  2. Hubby picks up a special dessert we enjoy it together
  3. Have a romantic evening at home
  4. Run a nice hot bath and just relax and enjoy some laughs and extra bonding time

Might not sound so appealing and many have other opinions, but this is mine. We should love and show love to our other half all year round. We shouldn’t just go out of our way one day in the year. I enjoy special bonding time with my husband where we make new memories and grow closer together.

I did turn to my love for pinning on Pinterest and got some special things you can make or buy for your loved one. I also included some romantic fun ideas & gift ideas.

If you would like to share some gift or ideas you have I would love to hear them, comment below.

If you missed my previous post on Valentine’s Day you can check it out here.


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