January 2016 Challenge: January 12th, 2016

Laundry Room

*Before starting make sure your washer & dryer are empty

  • Clean the inside of your washer, with a damp cloth sprayed with your choice of cleaner and give the inside of your washer a good wipe including the rims and hard to get to spots & do the same to your dryer.
  • Take your vacuum and give your lint collector a good vacuum (dryer)
  • Wipe down your washer and dryer
  • If possible, move your washer & dryer (one at a time) and give behind it (including the floor spot) a good vacuum and mop
  • Vacuum the baseboards (before returning them to their spots) and continue to do the rest of the baseboards
  • Go thru, wipe down, & organize any cupboards, drawers, &/or bins you may have. Get rid of items/things you no longer need or will use.
  • Dust any decor you may have
  • Quick dust of hangers
  • Vacuum the rest of the laundry room and mop


*Remember the declutter bin/baskets/containers you did on January 3rd if there is one for today’s room then put the items away where they belong. Or if you added a new one from today’s challenge put it in the room it belongs and remember when the day of that room comes to also put away those items in there places.

Share your before and after pictures on Twitter &/or Instagram with hashtag #realhousewifeandmomjanuary2016

Have you been doing the challenge? Comment below with where you are in the challenge.

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