January 2016 Challenge: January 14th, 2016

Master Bedroom Closet

  • Pick up anything on the floor, hang up or place where it belongs
  • Go thru cloths and items you no longer want (place in a bag so it is ready to go out to be donated or trashed)
  • Dust hangers
  • Any clothes or items that belong else where place in a bin/basket which can be put away at the end of this task.
  • Dust hangers
  • Dust built ins (if applies)
  • Dust any shoes and purses on display &/or not covered
  • Organize space
  • Good vacuum of the closet including baseboards

*If you share a walk in with your husband, leave his side of going thru for him to do. You can still tidy and dust the area. If you have his & her closets I would still leave the going thru of his clothes and items to him and just do tidying up, dusting, vacuuming. 

*Remember the declutter bin/baskets/containers you did on January 3rd if there is one for today’s room then put the items away where they belong. Or if you added a new one from today’s challenge put it in the room it belongs and remember when the day of that room comes to also put away those items in there places.

Share your before and after pictures on Twitter &/or Instagram with hashtag #realhousewifeandmomjanuary2016


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