January 2016 Challenge: January 21st, 2016

Office Day: 2

If you missed Day: 1 of the office challenge I recommend doing that one first before starting Day: 2

  • Vacuum baseboards and floors (if you do not have carpet, mop as well)
  • The pile of “Needs Attention ASAP” if not all done take a hour or less to continue on that & finish that pile.
  • Go thru your to file paper and insure you already have the files created to get them filed, if not or they are new files that needs to be created, make or print labels for them
  • Quickly go thru your filing system and sort any out of place files, also pull out any files you no longer use and need to store away or to be shredded and put aside
  •  “To File” grab that pile and getting filing
  • The files that were pulled out, if needs to be stored away for your reasons go put them away where you store your past keep files, for the ones that can be shredded take the time to shred now and remember to keep the folder as they can be reused 😉
  • Create and make any labels for your organization of your storage solutions of your office &/or files that may need to be created or needs to be replaced and label them
  • Go thru your older pens/markers/ etc… that you haven’t used and see if they still work, get rid of what doesn’t and give away what you no longer want
  • “Needs attention (non-urgent)” file go thru and get that it cleared & any other paper pile you may have from yesterday’s sort piles.
  • Grab your agenda &/or calendars and update them with any dates you have things to remember

*If you come across dates to remember for bill dues, kids school, kids activities, appointments, etc….. Have a note pad where you can write those dates done until you get to the agenda &/or calendar so that you don’t forget any and no need to go thru things to find them again once you remember.

Office challenge is now complete, did you find it better to deal with the tasks in two days instead of one? I know some may have a small space &/or just a little area for their office and that is ok also may of not needed the two days to complete the challenge.  Everyone has different homes/rooms and you can take from the challenge as it suits you and your space.

*Remember the declutter bin/baskets/containers you did on January 3rd if there is one for today’s room then put the items away where they belong. Or if you added a new one from today’s challenge put it in the room it belongs and remember when the day of that room comes to also put away those items in there places.

Share your before and after pictures on Twitter &/or Instagram with hashtag #realhousewifeandmomjanuary2016

If you have any tips &/or advice you would like to share comment below, I am always looking for new ideas. Are you following the challenge? How are you liking or not liking it? Would love to hear from you all.

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