January 2016 Challenge: January 27th, 2016

Basement Day: 3

*If you missed Day:1 of the Basement  & Day 2: of the Basement Challenge I recommend checking that post out first and start with that before starting Day: 3 of the Basement Challenge.

Today is the final day for our Basement Challenge.

  • Dust areas of basement (even if you have a unfinished basement you can dust your hot water tank, furnace, any surface or selves, etc…) & wipe down with a damp  cloth
  • Check your furnace filter to see if it needs to be changed
  • Check any other type of machine (ex: water softener, water filter system, etc…) to see if filters need to be changed or maintenance needs to be done.
  • If you have the filters already at home change if needed, if you don’t make a note of what is needed. As soon as the list is done, go put it in your purse so that you will remember to get it the next time your out.
  • Any remaining items or boxes, bins, containers etc… insure it gets all put away
  • Wipe down any furniture and decor pieces (if your basement is finished)
  • Turn on your warmer with your fav scent or spray the basement with your favourite air freshener, or turn on any plug ins you have down there, to give it a fresh nice scent
  • Give your whole basement a good vacuum (if your basement is finished do the baseboards as well.
  • If you have finished basement with floors you can mop, give them a good mop

*Remember the declutter bin/baskets/containers you did on January 3rd if there is one for today’s room then put the items away where they belong. Or if you added a new one from today’s challenge put it in the room it belongs and remember when the day of that room comes to also put away those items in there places.


Did you complete the 3 Day Basement Challenge? Was is better to have the basement tasks spilt into 3 days? I shared a picture on Instagram of some of the garbage I got out of mine.

My basement is unfinished, but the amount of things that I tossed & donated feels amazing and the basement feels refreshed, nice, organized, cleaned, & now rents can continue as everything is nicely packed and well sealed.

Share your before and after pictures on Twitter &/or Instagram with hashtag #realhousewifeandmomjanuary2016

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