January 2016 Challenge: January 29th, 2016

Laundry Day: 2

 * If you missed Laundry Day: 1 you can view it here. I recommend doing Day: 1 first.

  • Finish any loads of laundry first
  • If you have throws and blankets around the house, get those in the laundry room and get them done
  • Any bedding & pillows that haven’t been washed in awhile, today is the day to get them done
  • While you are doing the loads of throws, blankets, pillows, etc…. get clean & folded laundry put away
  • Iron anything that needs to be
  • Put any clothes that were hanging to dry away
  • Once all laundry is done, clean out the lint filter & quickly dust off your machines
  • Swiffer or sweep you floors quickly
  • Tidy up, put anything that is out that needs to be put away (ex: detergent, dryer sheets, products,etc..)

What has worked for me in my laundry room in keeping the dust down, is every time I am done with doing laundry I quickly wipe down the rims of my washer, I use a Swiffer Duster (just a quick add, I also use Swiffer Dusters Extendable for harder to reach places) and quickly dust off the machines. Laundry room and machine collect a lot of dust quickly from the use of the dryer and I like to keep it contained and really it only takes a min or two to do these things after laundry is done.

Another tip I do is I get a load or two done every evening/night. With a family of six laundry can get out of hand quick and in all honest sometimes it does but for the most part and normally I have it under control by keeping on top of it. I only do laundry during the day if I am backed up or if needed. Here in Ontario Hydro charges are the highest during the day, so I try to avoid doing unnecessary laundry during that time. I also like to get my laundry put away after every load even if there is not much to put away, this way it does not pile, I don’t feel like it’s a huge task & for me I hate putting laundry away so putting it right after I am done folding the load makes it feel less like a task and more enjoyable.

Hope you enjoyed this Laundry days. Do you have any tips or advice you would like to share? Also, I would love to hear about what laundry products you like to use. Comment below.

*This is not a sponsored post, I really use many items from the Swiffer line for my daily cleaning and I am just sharing what works for me and what I like to use. I am no expert just sharing with you all what I do and what works in our home for us.

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