January 2016 Challenge: January 30th, 2016

Rest/Catch Up Day

If you have been working away at the challenges this week, take this day to rest. I think taking a rest day makes you more refreshed to want to continue on with the task at hand. Also, weekends here at our home are always busy. It is also our family day where we like to spend time together. We do also visit other family/friends on weekends or have people over.

So take the weekend to enjoy.

If you haven’t been able to join in the challenges during the week, or had things come up that didn’t allow enough time to finish/or even start a challenge you can take this weekend to catch up. This challenge that I put together, I thought about other’s lives as no one life is the same so I wanted to come up with a challenge that isn’t too hard and did not have so many tasks in one day to complete. This is also why I made Saturday’s & Sunday’s the rest &/or catch up days.

Can’t believe January is almost over, where did the month go? In saying that this also means that the challenge comes to an end tomorrow. For those who joined the challenge later into it, you can still continue with it or if this month just didn’t work out for you to begin on the challenge, it will always be on the blog and you can always start it at any month you feel works for you and you can do it. I am no pro at cleaning and organizing nor was this challenge a must do in my ways listed in my challenges, I was just sharing what works for me and my family and they methods that work for me. Some may like it and do it in the same ways or others may take something from it and do it in their own way which is amazing. I blog to reach others who can take something from my posts, it could be the whole thing or pieces from here and there that they find would work for them. We all live different lives, we are all different people, & we all do things differently and that is what life is about, no is the same. My blog is about sharing my tips and advice and if you would like to share yours comment below. I love to hear new tips and advice and I am sure others would too.

Share your before and after pictures on Twitter &/or Instagram with hashtag #realhousewifeandmomjanuary2016 you can also tag me in the photos if you like.

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