January 2016 Challenge: January 31th, 2016


Yayyyyy you did it! 

Congrats to all of you on finishing the challenge. If you haven’t finished take today to continue on &/or catch up. Those of you still working on this challenge keep going. Congrats to you as well for sticking with it & your hard work on getting it done. Just because the challenge has ended it does not mean that it’s over, for those who are still working at it or those that have decided to do it when it works for them the challenge will always be up on the blog for you to follow & continue &/or start.

I am happy I decided to create this challenge, I joined in with you all & got it done. I love the amount of trash and donate items (boxes & bags) that came out of this challenge was amazing!

Like I have mentioned before I am not an expert on cleaning or organizing and this challenge was not about this is how you have/should do it. I am sharing what works for me in my home and it may work for some and some it may not. Sharing this challenge was about inspiring you to get your home back in order if needed and if the challenges worked out for you like describe great, if they didn’t but you took parts of it, (tips, etc..) that’s amazing and that’s what it is all about. We all have different lives and we all do things differently but we can all learn from each other and great inspired from one another. 

Would you like to see some pictures of “before” & “after” from the challenges? If so comment below.

I look forward to coming up with more challenge through out the year. Is there a certain challenge you would like to see on the blog? Comment below.

If you would like to share you tips & advice on cleaning &/or organizing, comment below. Also, I would love to hear some of your cleaning tools &/or products you use and love!

*Tip: If you continue to stay on top of things by always putting things away where they belong your hard work will continue to pay off thru out the year.

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