Valentine’s Day

February is here and upcoming is Valentine’s Day. I do some decorating around our home. Mainly our family room, kitchen and in areas of the home we are in most, but nothing big. I mainly do it for the kids,  we pull out our Valentine’s decor (which isn’t much) out on February 1st so we can enjoy it for a bit as it will come and go fast. I have pinned some decor ideas, Diy’s, etc… for Valentine’s Day on Pinterest. I would like to try to make some of those decor/craft ideas to add to my Valentine’s home decor. Also, got some cute recipes.

The second week in February I like to start doing Valentine themed crafts with the girls (Tyler is 12 almost 13 yrs old and isn’t into this thing kind of things anymore, lol)

Of course I went on Pinterest and begin pinning ideas of crafts to do with the kids & game ideas. I like to start pinning in the middle of January to have some idea of what to do, also because it gives me the chance to go thru the craft supplies and make note if we need to buy any supplies. I like to do that supply shopping (if needed) the first week in February. This year I happened to be out doing some errands and 2 weeks before February and saw some cute things that I picked up and so I really don’t need much more. You can check out the haul picture on my Instagram.

On Valentine’s I like to put together little baggies of fun things for the kids to get. At times, it’s even been just Dollarama items that I find, just so when the kids wake up they have a baggie to open on the kitchen table. I normally shop for these items the first week of February when I go craft supply shopping. Also, on Valentine’s morning (even if it is a school day) I will make the kids a special breakfast. If Valentine’s Day lands during the week I will wake up the kids about 20mins-1/2 hr earlier so they have time to open their bags and enjoy their special breakfast. That avoids a mad rush to get ready and leave on time.

I also pinned some gift ideas, they had some great ones you can make yourself and that the kids could as well.

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Do you have special traditions you do with your kids on Valentine’s Day or prior?



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