From 4 To None

There was a time a few years back where I was a bit overwhelmed and could picture this day and looked forward to it, Madison starting JK. Well, years went on and things got easier, not that it’s so easy now, but much easier then having a newborn, a 16 month old, and 2 other kids in school. It was nuts, no down time, and lots of missing sleep for this mama. I was very sad when it was time to register Ava for school (you can view that post here) and then even more sad once Ava started school (you can view that post here) and even Madison was so sad. What made it easier however to get over the sadness of Ava starting school and leaving the nest was that I still had one child left with me at home and day to day life makes the time pass. Madison is a busy child, she gets bored easy and you must have one eye on her at all times. She is also one amazing little girl. She’s loving and likes to cuddle with still letting you know she is boss, lol. I remember times where things were crazy and thinking of all the rest and things I can get done once she was off to school. I was so looking forward to the break until the years pasted and things calmed down and realizing she’s so big and will be off to school soon. I started not complaining about when I was able to get things down, or when her melt downs were more one day then the other. I realized that time will fly by and next thing she’s off to school so enjoy the time, even the crazy ones.

I also have a part of me that is so happy for her to start school as she is looking forward to going to school with her siblings. She is so ready for JK and I know she will love it. She loves play groups, play dates, learning time, etc… So I am not worried about that. I also am looking forward to getting things done without interruption when all kids will be in school, getting me time, be able to book certain appointments (that children are not allowed too) and not worrying about where & who to leave her with. With all my freedom also comes the aloneness and that is what is hurting my heart. I think once I get use to Madison being at school is when the even tougher time will come. Come on, I have never been without a younger child at home while the others started JK. So it will be very strange to come back home without having to take anyone else out of the car but myself and coming home to an empty house. I am sure a lot of loud music or T.V. playing in the background will happen until I am use to it, lol. Many tears will be shed, but I will get over it, after all it is life.

madison 2

I know I will get through this and everything will be fine and like I said I am looking forward to many things from this change.  I will be getting use to a whole new schedule and look forward to have more time to grow my blog and create more content.

So cherish every moment with your babies, they grow very fast and the next thing you know they are in school. I love my babies, they will always be my babies no matter what age they are. They are my life! 

Are any of your children starting JK this September? Want to share your feelings or plans? Comment below.


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