Madison’s Turning 4

Another party planning has been going on this month. Even tho I am keeping this birthday party sweet & simple I still like to do lists and party plan the food etc… Madison is turning 4 on Saturday my baby is growing up and starting school this September, if you missed that post you can view it here. In the beginning of February, hubby and I decided to keep the birthday party simple this time around. We have a lot going on and so the added work to hosting a large party was not in this mama’s books, lol. I believe big or small you still need to do a bit of planning and of course organizing. Also, many children do not pay attention to if it is a big party or not, the celebrating, special moments, small touches added and the people who are there to celebrate with your child is what they see and remember.

I used this notebook to host all my planning notes for this birthday party. It’s got dividers built in the notebook which makes it easier to separate notes if needed. I have also used (in the past) post it tabs to make tabs to divide lists when needed in regular simple notebooks.


I started planning for this party in the beginning of February (1st week to be exact) I didn’t need to send out invitations as this party was mainly for family (also, some of our friends which we consider family). So, I made a quick guest list and simply phone call to invite them to Madison’s party.

I organized my lists as the following;

  • Guests
  • Food & Dessert’s (if someone was brining something to add I would also include who and what)
  • What items need to buy (non-food according to store)
  • Grocery list
  • To Do Week of Party
  • To Do Day Before Party
  • To Do Day of Party

Madison picked her theme of the party , “Shopkins” and I got on Pinterest and starting pinning ideas for the party, decor, & cakes. I have an amazing friend who does wonderful cakes and I went right to her for the cake. You can check out her work here.  Her cakes always look amazing and the cake is always fresh and full of flavour. Madison did have two themes she wanted and was deciding between. Her other choice was “Play-doh“, but she did make the decision and went with “Shopkins” Madison is very excited and I love that excitement in her eyes when we talk about her party. If you would like to see pictures of the party comment below and I will put up a post with them next week.

Check out my Instagram picture of Madison showing some of her “Shopkins” party stuff.

How do you plan your parties? Share by commenting below.




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Delegation! I get everyone involved in a section, someone on food, someone on games etc and then endless meetings (with lots of wine) so we can sinc all our ideas together. Have a lovely time x

    1. That’s awesome ;). Good idea. Thanks for sharing. Thank u 😊

  2. Leighleigh says:

    Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

    1. Thank you so much 💗. Have a great weekend

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