March Break 2016

Welcome March!

With that, soon enough March Break will be here and the kids are off for a week. I am a stay at home so I don’t have to worry about child care. This year we are not planning on going away on a trip or anything big. We have an up coming plan in the works (which I am not ready to share yet) once I can and things are confirmed I will of course be sharing. With that being said, I am starting to plan the week of March Break. I received a March Break News brochure from our Public Library with many programs/activities that the kids will enjoy. This week I will be picking some programs from that News letter and registering for those programs. I do know that the first Monday of March Break will be a fun pj day of doing nothing but hanging out and doing whatever the kids want. Also, not always do we have good weather for March Break so I am also turning to Pinterest for fun games, crafts, and learning ideas. You can check the ones I have pinned here if your interested. I am also going to plan with my sister-in-law and see about getting my niece and nephew over and doing some fun things with them. My kids love to be with my niece Emma and nephew Noah, even if we do nothing and stay home the kids always have fun.

On March Break week, St.Patrick’s Day will be on Thursday and I found some crafts for the kids to do from Pinterest. So, I will be preparing the crafts for St.Patrick’s Day on Wednesday by printing any instructions & collecting materials needed for any of it. That way after breakfast on Thursday we can get started on that.

Having fun doesn’t always have to cost lots of money, if you plan it out in advance and check your local library and recreation centres you can find a lot of things to do for a low cost or even free. Also, with Pinterest around you can gather fun ideas of crafts, indoor & outdoors games, learning fun & activities to do.

Another way I like to prepare for March Break is the week before, I plan that week to get all my errands done, any blog work done, even working ahead for blog posts for the upcoming week. All my house cleaning will be done by Thursday so that Friday can leave open to do any shopping (groceries & supplies for crafts) or unprepared things to get done. I do clean during March Break of course but it is not my main thing or focus. I will do my morning and my night routine and apart of my evening/night routine is laundry so I don’t fall behind.

How do you plan out your March Break? Do you plan things from Pinterest too? Let me know and comment below I always love to hear ideas.


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