Seven Things I do everyday to keep the house clean

Thought I would share with you my MUST do chores that help make the house look clean & tidy even when I haven’t done my weekly cleaning. It’s simple and doesn’t take much time to do. Even on my lazy days these get done. This helps also with not letting things pile & your home is always tidy.

1. Every night dishes are done

2. Wipe down of counters & appliances

3. Quick pick up around the house (every night)

4.Every morning make beds and pick up around bedrooms

5.Quick wipe down of bathrooms

6. Vacuum main floor

7. A load of laundry every night

With a 4 kids I need to stay on top of things or the house would be completely upside down. Now I am not perfect and at times I may not make the beds or wash those dishes but most of the list will get done, especially when its been a crazy day or kids/myself are ill. With me normally keeping to these daily tasks of my musts, it helps not being so bad if a day is missed. I normally wake up before the kids to drink my coffee in peace and get any chores started.

What are your must daily to do’s? Comment below

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