Happy March Break!

Hi all, hope you are all enjoying your March Break week so far.

Here not so much, all my plans that were in my previous post March Break 2016 went out the window. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would know that the week before March Break my kids started getting sick with a virus that is going around and with 4 kids, it sure went around to all of them. My oldest Tyler (almost 13 yrs old) got over it quick, he never got the fever but did have the running nose, body ache, loss of appetite & headache. Kianna (9 yrs old) was down for about 2-3 days with fever, dizzy, body ache, headache, no appetite,  but now has the cough. The longest ones to get over it and are still with the cough is Ava (5 yrs old) & Madison (4 yrs old). Ava and Madison experienced all of the same symptoms as Kianna but for them it took much longer to pass. Apparently this virus ends with the cough which takes a long time to go away. So my plans for the week before March Break went out the window along with our March Break plans. As you can see from the above photo, the girls were very sick 😦.

I am so glad I didn’t book a trip, or paid for activities. I never got to register for the activities I found for the kids to do over the March Break as the kids started getting sick prior and within 2 days or so all the kids got it.

Today is Wednesday and the weather here where we live has been raining, blue, and cold and with kids getting over this cough it’s not weather I want them to be outside in. Also, due to the cough I don’t want to take them places with other kids around because I don’t want to spread it to anyone. Even going to the grocery store, or Walmart I have not taken them, I have gone in the afternoons or evenings once my husband was home. So, I had to re-plan and have decided since we have had out lazy pj days with movies & cuddles for more days then planned, and now that their energy levels have returned to normal to do some things that we could do at home. Today,  it’s raining and cold so I thought, I would take the morning to do some quick chores and then make it a craft day, they have been doing crafts but less messy ones and more low key ones. So I am going to check out the ideas I have pinned on Pinterest and see which ones we can start. I also plan on doing some learning plans/activities with them. Tomorrow is calling for another day of rain and clouds, so I am think we will get our Easter crafts on the go. Friday, if it’s not to cold and no rain (which according to the Weather Network App) there’s a chance for rain, I am hoping by then their cough is  better so I can take them for a treat in the afternoon to have lunch at McDonalds and let them play in the Playland. Hopefully the weekend’s weather is nice so we can go outside and play.

So, our March Break hasn’t been the greatest and haven’t done much. Even myself I have kept with my Seven Musts Do’s, but nothing more then that. Even the time for my blogging has gone out the window (which I miss very much), but my kids & family come first. Even tho the kids have been sick we have had a lot of time for cuddles, movies, book reading, and playing low key games. We have made the most of it and enjoyed lots of down time together. I don’t care we didn’t get the fun exciting March Break as I planned, as we got to enjoy it other ways and them feeling better is my #1. They are my life and when they are sick my heart breaks, especially when it’s a long lasting virus/flu that they can’t do much and aren’t themselves. Luckily and surprising (knock on wood) I have not caught it, my fear was that I was going to get it for the March Break and they would be all well and I would be out. Thankfully that’s not the case. For me, the worst week of them being sick, with me having no sleep at all as it the virus would get worse during the night for Ava & Madison was the week before March Break so this week tho it is still a lot of work (Lysol cleaning wipes has been my best friend) I have been enjoying the down time with them and doing other indoor activities with them. I am not worried about the house or anything else. It is some what clean and tidy for the most part and the little things I do to maintain the house still happen, but the major cleaning and all that can wait and I am going to take the rest of the March Break with the kids to enjoy and spend time with them. My housewife life of the house can pick back up once the kids are better. I am so happy that (expect for the cough) the girls are back to their normal selves and are able to play and do things.

How’s your March Break? What have you been up to with the kids? What do you do with the kids when the weather isn’t the greatest?



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