This is a late night post, but I couldn’t help to to express some of my feelings and thoughts on what I seen . I can’t believe this news article right now, http://globalnews.ca/news/2582204/albino-father-and-his-son-escorted-off-toronto-bus-by-police-after-suspected-abduction/ 

I just finished tucking my girls into bed and come to sit and check facebook and there’s the above article on my news feed and I was stocked! I think no way of course and click to read the full story. How can someone do that? 

We live in Canada a multi cultural country! I, for one am married to someone out of my culture and is darker then I am. So now people got to worry about being out in about with kids that don’t match their skin tone! That is ridiculous! I totally understand if the child seemed to be in danger or even seen struggling to get away, but that was not the case in this matter. Some people these days seem to not have much to do with all these ridiculous things some do. This is not the kind of country we live it. We love people of all race and have the freedom to date/marry/common-inlaw etc…..  Anyone from any race. So, should I no longer take out my niece who looks nothing like me & we have different skin tones? This is not a new thing and people really need to learn how to mind their own business. 

From what I read, this child suffered some major stress over something someone wanted to pull, which could of been avoided. My heart goes out to this family & I hope they are all ok especially the child. This poor dad, not even knowing what the heck was happening & treated like he did something wrong.  I do not blame the police for what their part in matter was as they are there to protect us and insure the safety of children and adults. Lesson to all, do not judge by the outside ever!

What are your thoughts on this? I would love to hear, comment below.


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  1. I think this is ridiculous and could have been avoided 110%!! People need to stop racially profiling situations unless theyre 110% sure of whats going on. Tsk.

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