Review: Dollar Tree Window Clean


This product from Dollar Tree is amazing.


I do still love my Onmicloth I must say, but I love testing new products out. I was watching TheUnfrumphyMommyLife youtube video (check out her channel here) I can’t remember which video it is where she talks about this product, but her channel is great and she has lots of cleaning videos up (and many others) and you will see this window cleaner product in them and she loves it. So, the next time I visited The Dollar Tree (now I live in Canada so not everything I see that the States stores get, we don’t always have the same items or products) I found it and decided to try it out.


I must say I was pretty impressed with it. Its does a great job and leaves no streaks and no film at all, it also leaves a great shine. I also love that it is Ammonia Free. I have tested it on glass surfaces, windows,  mirrors and love it! Now there is a smell of vinegar to it, but to me anyways it is not strong, but you do smell it when spraying. It’s a great product that is not highly priced, I paid $1.25 and am amazed at how well it works and cleans. I now have a bottle always on hand just in case. I also used it on glass shower doors, where I live we have hard water it leave marks on glass which this product removes and leaves the glass shiny. I have a puppy who hates the crate and always makes a mess in there, so I have used it to clean the crate and love it so much that I now use it to clean the dog crate at least once a week with it.

I am a regular user of my Omnicloth, which you can read my review on it here. At times my cloths are in the washer and with 4 kids and a puppy I love that I have this product to use as my backup.

I gave up on Windex because it was always leaving streaks and a bit of a film, I hated that. Made everything look like it was not properly clean. Windex isn’t cheap either for something that doesn’t work great.


This is not a sponsored post, I just love sharing with you all products that work.


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