Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I wanted to start off by sharing some information about myself. My name is Sandy and I am married to Amar, we have been together since high school. I am also a mom of 4 (14 yrs old & under) and a mom to our pet, Nala our 6 month old Seberian Husky. I love to organize, clean, being a mom, and thought I would share with you some real life experiences. Life has ups & downs and by no means are we perfect but we are real and so is everything I share. I am a very busy working mom with kids, keeping up with the house, projects, etc…, but I think we also need to take some time to do things we like and love. My kids and family will always come first. I wanted to start this blog because I love to write and share. All the opinions and reviews on my blog are all my own, (unless stated otherwise) and though I may love the products, items, and the way they work- it doesn’t mean you will, but I love to share my true opinions with everyone.

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