Our New Addition, Meet Nala 

nala1We have a new Addition to the family, this blue eyed cutie is Nala.

She is a Siberian Husky. Nala was born on December 31st, 2016.

Training is coming along, there’s good and bad days. Sometime’s I get overwhelmed with how much work is involved, I believe I forgot how hard puppy stage is and how much work goes into it. With being a working mom I added more work to my plate, smart right! LOL.

Even tho she can drive me crazy at times and even make some days feel like training her is hopeless, we love her and are very happy we added her to our family. We did lose our family dog this year, that I have had for almost 15 years (you can read about that post here). Our house felt empty, missing something. Now, let’s make something clear Nala does not replace Peaches (our family dog that pasted) or have we forgotten about her at all. My kids actually still talk about her and have her picture on their electronics as display. Nala has made it easier for the younger kids to cope with that loss of Peaches, she adds fun and crazy days to our life.

Nala, I know with added training & structure will be fine once her puppy stage is over. We have her now for over 3 months. I love her excitement when she know we are home from our day. She is like a said a puppy still so lots of watching is required when she lose. We do crate train her when no one is home. Nala is doing alot better from a month ago, as time goes by she is getting better at not getting into to many things, and accidents are so much less now (Thank Goodness). She loves to nibble even on us, lol. She also loves all her toys and going for walks. We are now working on her distractions when outside and also the no jumping when greeting people. We still got a long way to go for training and lots of work , but I wouldn’t trade her for anything. We are completely in love with her.

We do believe she hates being in her crate, as she now doesn’t have accidents in the house and nothing all night when sleeping in our room, but once she gets put in the crate for the day, we come home to something everyday. The vet suggested to keep putting her in as she is a puppy and needs to be crate trained and with time she will realize that she’s fine and the accidents in the crate will end. We believe she is doing that to get out but we all know that dogs can’t tell time so to her she has no idea if it’s 10mins or 5 hrs before we come home.Nala use to sleep in her crate at night until she started that habit and I tried not putting her in at night and letting her stay in our room to see if she would do anything and nope nada, no accidents all night. That’s how we know that she is testing us and does not like being in her crate. Anyone have suggestions to ways to get her to like the crate? We did try getting her a comfy bed for it, feeding her in there at meal times and each time she goes in the crate we give her a treat.




Nala’s current picture and her favourite part of being on the balcony with me every morning.


Any husky readers here reading this post? If you have any tips to share please leave a comment below. We are open to hearing any  tips & tricks.

Updated: Daily Cleaning Routine

It’s been awhile since I posted my last cleaning routine, so I thought I would share my new one. Since moving to a different house and returning to work a lot of my routines have changed.

Kids still have there chores and the help is more appreciated now then ever!

I still live with my agenda and need it more now with working as I have four kids in school there I always something to prepare for or to remember. I also still make “To Do” lists, sometimes the night before for the next day or sometimes at work while I am eating lunch. I barely do it during lunch at work as I have a new night routine and I like to do it in bed or in my office before turning in for the night. I have a post on Seven Things I Do Everyday you can check out here. I like to do on those days where you have less time to get things done, but don’t want to totally let everything go.


Daily Cleaning/Things to do Routine:


  • Clean up after making breakfast
  • Load & start dishwasher
  • Wipe counter surfaces
  • Prepare coffee machine (My husband & I have coffee after dinner)
  • Quick sweep of kitchen (if time permits, LOL)
  • Tidy up upstairs once we are all ready


KIDS After-school Chores:

  • Main floor vacuum
  • All closet stuff including shoes put away
  • 1st floor vacuum
  • Trash, Compost, Recycling takin out
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Wash dishes, containers, from school & after school eating
  • Tidy their rooms
  • Bring laundry down
  • Clean up after dog (outside)



  • Clean up after dinner
  • Load Dishwasher
  • Wash any dishes (not for dishwasher)
  • Wipe counters
  • Quick tidy up all floors once kids are in bed
  • Load of laundry
  • Double check backpacks for papers or containers, water bottles, etc….


A few things I also do is;

  • wash dishes as I am cooking, anything used to prep dinner and any dishes or pots used.
  • tidy up bathrooms (once everyone has used it)
  • Prepare coffee machine for next day
  • cut up fruits or veggies for next day lunches
  • lunches
  • Sign school agendas
  • Pick out my two youngest kids clothes for the next day
  • Go thru my planner for the next day
  • Plan anything that needs to done for the next day


Now some days some of these things may not get done as this is real life sometimes we are just too tired or something came up. Even the kids chores, sometimes they don’t get all done, they may have more homework, playdate, spend more time outside, etc… & that’s ok as when chores are kept up with normally it isn’t so bad when things aren’t always completed. I have a post on Seven Things I Do Everyday you can check out here. I like to still do on those days where you have less time to get things done but still want the house to look put together.

If you want to see my past cleaning routine you can find it here. Also, the past kids chores here.


If you have any tips or want to share your routine comment below.





Hey Friends,

April Showers are suppose to bring May flowers, but so far it’s only brought more rain.

It’s been so rainy here in Ontario lately and it’s not over, today is suppose to rain for the next 3 days (if not more, the way it’s been going). Well, with the weekend coming up and the rain not going to break, I thought I would go on Pinterest and get some ideas that the kids can do this weekend. With not being able to play outside, the fights will be more, the “I’m boredddd” is going to drive me up the wall, lol. I found some great ideas for the kids to do, I have 4 kids, my oldest is 14 yrs old (tomorrow), 10 year old, 6 year old, & a 5 year old. Now my teenage boy is not into these things anymore, but the other three are. I found fun games, learning activities, and more. If you would like to see what I have pinned you can check it out here. That my most current pins. I also have a Kids Craft board that you can check out for more ideas here.

I normally always have supplies on hand for crafts, being a mom of 4 I always stock up on craft items from Dollar Tree & Dollarama. I have even created a craft bin with things that the kids can go to themselves and grab to do. Of course the items in there are picked out by me as that bin is for when I am busy but the kids would like to do crafts the can. Nothing in there is things that they need me for. I really recommend everytime you go to the dollar store to pick up a few things so that way you always have stock of items. Another great thing to find at the dollar store that my kids love to do is puzzles . I hope that this post gave you some ideas that can work for you & your family on rainy days or just even on days where you can’t be outside.

If you have fun ideas, please comment below, I am always looking for new ideas.

Saying Goodbye

This is one of the hardest posts for me to share. It still hurts and I think it will always.

This past February (2017) we lost our family dog Peaches, she was almost 15 years old. I can’t even explain what I felt and what I am still feeling. Peaches was family to us, my BFF in so many ways, as she was there with me thru all these years. Up and downs, right & wrong turns. She was very loyal, she always followed me where ever I went. When the family was home and I was out she would look for me in the places I normally would be. She was great with all my kids, in all of their baby, toddler, etc.. years.

I got Peaches in 2002, a few months before getting married. She was a Jack Russell Terrier. Great dog. Lots of training sure paid off.

Peaches started getting ill last year, September (2016) of course we took her to the vet and ran all the tests we could, nothing came up. It seemed in October she was doing better, expect for the weight loss. She was always hungry and eating, but continued to loss weight. We had no answers from any tests. As time went on she started looking sick again. She pretty much only slept and ate. She would only get up when I would come home to say her hello and right back to bed she went.

In December (2016) she started not being able to do the stairs, not even the few stairs we had to step off the porch. She was being carried to go potty, to come to my room, etc…
Off to the vet again, more tests, and still no answers. I knew this was getting time for her to go of old age, but I could not accept it in my heart, so I avoided it. She starting throwing up here and there, she would get stuck in the splits position and things just kept getting worse as time went by. She started doing things she never did, like trying to dig on carpet, she would have accidents, etc….. but she always still ate, her drinking started becoming less and we decided to return to the vet.

The was nothing showing on tests as to why she was losing weight, feeling ill, etc… It came down to that it was old age and it was time to put her down. I held onto hope for so long. I felt like if I did put her down the “what if’s“. My worst fear was the kids coming home from school one day and finding her dead.
I pushed putting her down for another month, with hope. No changes, she was getting worse and so the time came.

As I am typing this tears are flowing down my face as if I am re-living the moment.

Explaining to the kids was sooooooo hard, the older ones understood better then the younger ones. My younger ones cried for days, especially at night. So hard on everyone.

My husband and I were there with Peaches thru it all, she was so calm and just kept looking at me as I balled my eyes out and my heartache grew bigger. It seemed like she knew what was  going to happen. When the doctor put the iv on one of her legs, he came to see that she no longer had blood flow to her legs and it was the time to do it, to let her go, as only her heart was keeping her here and she was suffering.
My husband was very supportive, as I was a complete mess. He continued to be for days and I went thru my downer. Being there and seeing her go hit me very hard. I know she would want me to be there with her in her final moments as she was closest to me, so that’s why I stayed with her (Peaches) the whole time. After it was all over I could not leave, I couldn’t leave her there I couldn’t and didn’t want to believe she was gone.


Peaches Memorial Stone

My bond with Peaches, will never disappear, no other animal can ever replace. Till today I think of her everyday, and one of her beds remain next to mine as I can not pull myself to take it away. She is with me some how, some way, I believe forever.

YouTube Video Here




Getting Back On Track

Hello friends,

So if you read my Life Update post, you would know how much I miss blogging and want to get it back into my life. Well, I thought I would let you know what I am thinking about for getting back on track with my blog.

I am no longer a stay at home mom, so I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. I was thinking I would start with 1 post a week, some weeks may get more then one, but I don’t want to make it more when just starting off and fitting it into my new life style. I want to get back into blogging as I love, miss it, and love sharing. So, once a week I think is a good start. This way I can adjust things and make it apart of my life again. Down the line with some time it may become more often.

I would like some input from you all, what would you like to see? Share by commenting on this post or email me at realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com
You as my readers, are the reason I blog to share with you real life stories, true reviews on items and products, etc… I would like to hear some of your interests that you would like to see more of here on my blog.

I have some great post ideas, and some new series ideas in mind that I would like to do.

If you would like to continuing supporting my blog journey stick around as I love having you. Also, feel free to share my blog with your family & friends. Thank you for your continued support.


Life Update: Where Have I Been

Hello friends!

First let me start by saying how much I have missed blogging. A lot has happened, and my family are my top priority. Has things started changing and taking more of my time I had to take a break from blogging. I thought of blogging all the time, so many times I tried to get back into it, I would start working on post and end up not be able to complete it.  I apologize for my absence and I am sure you understand that family is always first.

Wants and needs starting changing for me so I had to look at life in a different way. My husband and I needed to make some changes and things happened really fast and being a mom and wife, I had to work at it all and that didn’t leave much time for my hobbies and me time. We put our house for sale, was planning on moving to another city. The house sold fast and the closing was 2 weeks from that day it sold. So, life was crazy with house viewings, kids, dog, keeping up. Once that was done I thought maybe there’s time to get back on track with blogging, I had so many posts I wanted to share, even a series, but with closing 2 weeks away and then leaving on vacation shortly after closing there was no time. It was go go go for a few weeks.

We decided to house hunt with a clear mind after our vacation. Before going on vacation, I was offered my job back that I left 6 years ago to go on mat leave. So, that changed the whole ball game with moving to the city we were thinking about as it would be too far for me to travel and the idea of being an hour or more away from the kids was a deal breaker for me. Off to vacation we went. It was wonderful, kids loved it, we loved it. We went to Disney World in Florida. It was the most relaxing and fun time we had in a while since the craziness began.

I did take sometime to think of the job offer and decided I would give it a try. I still would get to take the kids to school everyday and I would only start once Madison started school . I always thought that once Madison started JK I would take a year for me before thinking of finding a job part or full time.   My feelings toward that idea started changing when the time of her starting school was getting closer. I have always had a baby or toddler with me at home and was never alone daily and hated the thought. I always get the winter blues and being alone it would be worse I thought, plus I hated the cold, which meant I would only go out if need be. So, with that being said I made the choice to return to work which meant that once we were back from vacation it would be a little crazy again.

We returned from vacation and started house hunting back in the same Town we were in, funny that when we are looking to return nothing was for sale, but before deciding to return to our Town there was so much for sale. We liked the area as schools are close, kids can return to their school, and we are not in a busy, crazy city, but not far either. We held on and waited and sure enough something came up, it wasn’t exactly what we wanted but it wasn’t bad so we went for the house and we got it.

Finally things fallen back into place. The problem was we still were house-less and had to wait 3 weeks for closing. At the time I stressed, but you know it was actually perfect as we made the best of it. We decide to make it a vacation without leaving the country. It was so nice to enjoy that time with the kids and also got to relax, like I can never grow my nails because of cleaning and so on and I actually grew nails, lol.
We had such a good time, experienced a lot of things and enjoyed the time before the craziness of moving and getting ready for back to school oh ya and starting my job after being a stay at home mom for so many years.

I have been at my job for 7 months now and I love it. I plan on doing another post all about adjusting and so forth. I just wanted to give a bit of an update on what I have been up to. I have lots of posts ideas I want to share. I am working on how I can change up somethings to get back into blogging which I love and miss so much. I hope you stick around and continue reading and sharing my blog.

Happy March Break!

Hi all, hope you are all enjoying your March Break week so far.

Here not so much, all my plans that were in my previous post March Break 2016 went out the window. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would know that the week before March Break my kids started getting sick with a virus that is going around and with 4 kids, it sure went around to all of them. My oldest Tyler (almost 13 yrs old) got over it quick, he never got the fever but did have the running nose, body ache, loss of appetite & headache. Kianna (9 yrs old) was down for about 2-3 days with fever, dizzy, body ache, headache, no appetite,  but now has the cough. The longest ones to get over it and are still with the cough is Ava (5 yrs old) & Madison (4 yrs old). Ava and Madison experienced all of the same symptoms as Kianna but for them it took much longer to pass. Apparently this virus ends with the cough which takes a long time to go away. So my plans for the week before March Break went out the window along with our March Break plans. As you can see from the above photo, the girls were very sick 😦.

I am so glad I didn’t book a trip, or paid for activities. I never got to register for the activities I found for the kids to do over the March Break as the kids started getting sick prior and within 2 days or so all the kids got it.

Today is Wednesday and the weather here where we live has been raining, blue, and cold and with kids getting over this cough it’s not weather I want them to be outside in. Also, due to the cough I don’t want to take them places with other kids around because I don’t want to spread it to anyone. Even going to the grocery store, or Walmart I have not taken them, I have gone in the afternoons or evenings once my husband was home. So, I had to re-plan and have decided since we have had out lazy pj days with movies & cuddles for more days then planned, and now that their energy levels have returned to normal to do some things that we could do at home. Today,  it’s raining and cold so I thought, I would take the morning to do some quick chores and then make it a craft day, they have been doing crafts but less messy ones and more low key ones. So I am going to check out the ideas I have pinned on Pinterest and see which ones we can start. I also plan on doing some learning plans/activities with them. Tomorrow is calling for another day of rain and clouds, so I am think we will get our Easter crafts on the go. Friday, if it’s not to cold and no rain (which according to the Weather Network App) there’s a chance for rain, I am hoping by then their cough is  better so I can take them for a treat in the afternoon to have lunch at McDonalds and let them play in the Playland. Hopefully the weekend’s weather is nice so we can go outside and play.

So, our March Break hasn’t been the greatest and haven’t done much. Even myself I have kept with my Seven Musts Do’s, but nothing more then that. Even the time for my blogging has gone out the window (which I miss very much), but my kids & family come first. Even tho the kids have been sick we have had a lot of time for cuddles, movies, book reading, and playing low key games. We have made the most of it and enjoyed lots of down time together. I don’t care we didn’t get the fun exciting March Break as I planned, as we got to enjoy it other ways and them feeling better is my #1. They are my life and when they are sick my heart breaks, especially when it’s a long lasting virus/flu that they can’t do much and aren’t themselves. Luckily and surprising (knock on wood) I have not caught it, my fear was that I was going to get it for the March Break and they would be all well and I would be out. Thankfully that’s not the case. For me, the worst week of them being sick, with me having no sleep at all as it the virus would get worse during the night for Ava & Madison was the week before March Break so this week tho it is still a lot of work (Lysol cleaning wipes has been my best friend) I have been enjoying the down time with them and doing other indoor activities with them. I am not worried about the house or anything else. It is some what clean and tidy for the most part and the little things I do to maintain the house still happen, but the major cleaning and all that can wait and I am going to take the rest of the March Break with the kids to enjoy and spend time with them. My housewife life of the house can pick back up once the kids are better. I am so happy that (expect for the cough) the girls are back to their normal selves and are able to play and do things.

How’s your March Break? What have you been up to with the kids? What do you do with the kids when the weather isn’t the greatest?