Review: Dollar Tree Window Clean


This product from Dollar Tree is amazing.


I do still love my Onmicloth I must say, but I love testing new products out. I was watching TheUnfrumphyMommyLife youtube video (check out her channel here) I can’t remember which video it is where she talks about this product, but her channel is great and she has lots of cleaning videos up (and many others) and you will see this window cleaner product in them and she loves it. So, the next time I visited The Dollar Tree (now I live in Canada so not everything I see that the States stores get, we don’t always have the same items or products) I found it and decided to try it out.


I must say I was pretty impressed with it. Its does a great job and leaves no streaks and no film at all, it also leaves a great shine. I also love that it is Ammonia Free. I have tested it on glass surfaces, windows,  mirrors and love it! Now there is a smell of vinegar to it, but to me anyways it is not strong, but you do smell it when spraying. It’s a great product that is not highly priced, I paid $1.25 and am amazed at how well it works and cleans. I now have a bottle always on hand just in case. I also used it on glass shower doors, where I live we have hard water it leave marks on glass which this product removes and leaves the glass shiny. I have a puppy who hates the crate and always makes a mess in there, so I have used it to clean the crate and love it so much that I now use it to clean the dog crate at least once a week with it.

I am a regular user of my Omnicloth, which you can read my review on it here. At times my cloths are in the washer and with 4 kids and a puppy I love that I have this product to use as my backup.

I gave up on Windex because it was always leaving streaks and a bit of a film, I hated that. Made everything look like it was not properly clean. Windex isn’t cheap either for something that doesn’t work great.


This is not a sponsored post, I just love sharing with you all products that work.


Eyelash Extensions 

I recently got to experience getting eyelash extensions and I love mine!

I naturally have long eyelashes, but I wanted a them a bit longer and get the look of wearing mascara without actually wearing it. I’m a busy working mom of 4 and one less makeup to apply the better. I don’t regularly wear alot of makeup to begin with, but I love a simple look of a natural eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss, especially now that I am working I need to look some what put together, lol. So, one less thing to apply the less time required in the mornings. Being busy moms we know that even the very little few minutes we save here and there are amazing. I won’t lie, the process of getting them done does take long, but who doesnt love the idea of being alone and able to relax for an hour right, so worth it. Each eyelash is applied one by one and to insure they look as natural as possible they are lined with your eyelash line. I go in comfortable clothing, leave my phone in my bag and relax. I have a great girl who does them, she’s a mom as well and she’s really nice. It helps with time going by as well, you get to chit chat.

Here is my before picture, and yes I needed to get my eyebrows waxed which was later that day, lol. So please don’t mind the hair lol, real life as I always say.

before eyelashes

I would totally recommend them if you love the look of wearing mascara and want one less makeup product to apply. There is maintenance to follow if you would like them to last long a few are; no mascara, no direct water contact for 24hrs, water base eyeliner is recommend, no rubbing and a few little things. Every so often you will need to go back and get them filled in if you would like to keep them looking fresh. When getting them filled it does take less time.

Here is my after picture

eyelashes after


eyelashes after 2

I have done the eyelashes that you buy at Sephora &/or drugstores and apply with glue all in the comfort of your home and yes I like those too, but they are more for a temporary look & they do take me some time as I have shakey hands. These also look more natural, and feel so much lighter. The store bought lashes are heavier on your eyes.


If you are around the Brampton area and would like to get an appointment with a great girl, you can contact Angie at



This is not a sponsor post. Opinions are based on my experience and my love to share real life experiences.

Book Review: The life-changing magic of tidying up By: Marie Kondo

With all the attention this book bought to social media I knew I would have to read it for myself. Total honestly is here as always in my blog posts. The minute I started reading this book I could not put it down. The life-changing magic of tidying up By Marie Kondo was awesome. It sure is an interesting read and even tho you may not agree with everything in the book, there are amazing tips, advice, & methods. A lot of the quotes in the book, really gets you thinking. I am always cleaning, organizing, & purging throughout the year, but parts of this method I really want to try out.

With the holidays around the corner and still got one toddler home with me I don’t think now is the time for me. I am thinking next year before my Fall/Winter prep. I may even delay that chore until I do this method. With having Madison home, and it being her last year I do not want to waste time doing certain things. Even if I can, I would stop many times as she requires a lot of my attention and always wants to be eating, lol. With that being said I think I would feel overwhelmed by the chore and end up giving up without completing the taks. What I am thinking is September/October 2016 to launch my home series of purging using some of Marie Kondo’s tips, advice, & methods, I would like to take you along for that journey. This way I am kid free during the day and have more time to complete a task. After reading this book, a few things that I remember I have that for some reason I can’t let go of, it’s not like I am using them, they are not on display but still have a hard time lettting certain things go. Well, thanks to this advice from this book and the inspiration I now realize and am ready to let them all go. So, I am excited to go into this journey and hope you enjoy following it. If you would like to purge or need a push to start I differently recommend you reading this book. 

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? Have you tried the method? Want to share comment below, would love to hear.


This is not a sponsored post, all is my opinion on the book.

Michaels Haul

Here’s my Michaels haul. I just posted a blog post on Pumpkin DIY which some of these items where used for it.

I am sure you can tell by now how much I love Michaels, from crafting items, home decor, to storage and more they have it all. I love that there is always items on sale and if my item isn’t I always have a coupon I can use so it’s like it is on sale.

How cute does this soap dispenser look over the kitchen sink?

I changed out a vase I have on my kitchen island from apples to these lovely decorative pumpkins.   

I recently just bought one more to add to this as it looks a bit low. These are from Michaels Fall Automne collection and are originally $12.99 plus tax but I bought them during their fall sale and got them for five dollars and change.

Also, not from the same day but another Michael’s fall decor item I bought was this beautiful center piece for my dinningroom table. 

 Another steal might I add, originally priced for $99.99 plus tax and I scored it at 60% off. I love a good deal.
Lastly just wanted to say that pink storage bin you see in the photo are really great. In another Michael’s haul I bought a white, clear one to try out. I at times work on paper projects or painting items and don’t like to leave everything out in a mess when I don’t have time to complete it. So, I bought the white one in past and tried it out and loved it. I believe a lot of scarp bookers use them to store the scarp paper or current scrapbook items they are using. I use mine for projects I am currently working on. If the items dont fit for the lid to close I leave it open but it looks neater then leaving it all over my desk.

Do you love Michaels as much as I do? If you would like to share your deal finds or hauls comment below or email me ar I would love to see them.

OmniCloth Review

Recently I was given an OmniCloth to try out. At first,I was a little unsure how well it would work on mirrors and glass as I have tried a lot of things and different methods to stop the streaking and not much luck. What I was using before the OmniCloth was just a vinegar & water mixer which wasn’t too bad but still wasn’t fully happy, but it was better then Windex and other products I have tried.

Well let me tell you this cloth is amazing. All I had to do was wet with water, twist the cloth, wipe and walk away. No streaks, no water marks. I have an all glass office desk which I was starting to regret buying after all the streaks left behind after cleaning it, but now no more OMG I am soooo happy.

Here’s the office desk.

After seeing how well my office desk turned out I continued with my mirrors, electronic screens, my espresso dinning table (which loves finger prints), my console in the dinningroom (which has a marble top finish), the list continues and I was in Ah and loved it.

Now for my stainless steel appliances is were I was disappointed and it looked awful, but the product info claims to do stainless and leave it shiny and streak free. So, I was disappointed and thought what to do. Well, I contact Melissa (the person I got it from) and she asked me “did you use to use stainless steel cleaner products on them” and my answer was “yes of course” well that was the problem. She advised me that these stainless steel products leave a load of residue on the appliances and so I was going to need to get that residue off by cleaning them with the just paper towel and water a couple of times and that once all the residue was off the cloth would work. Guess what she was right. It took my appliances to look awful with just wiping with water, leaves lots of marks, but once all that residue was off the cloth worked like a charm. Leaving them clean and shinning.

I also used this cloth to wash down all my windows on the main floor from the inside, sliding door inside out, & my front door inside out. Love love love!

I would totally recommend this. I love this item so much I ordered 5 more. This way I have one to leave on each floor and to have others in back up for when the others are in the wash. I am never without one on hand.

If you are interested in getting the OmniCloth you can contact Melissa, and she will be able to help you with any questions and take your order.

The pricing is as follows;
1 Cloth $6.00, 3 Cloths $15.00, & 5 Cloths $20.00

I totally think it’s worth the price. Think of all the money you will save.You can save money buy not buying products and save on the amount of paper towels you use when cleaning.

The maintenance of the cloths are so easy: In the washing machine (not with towels as towels have loads of lint), it bleachable (which is amazing), and just hang to dry. Oh and its also advised not to use Fabric softener.

Using less chemicals to clean and cut time brings a big smile of my face. As a mom of four sometimes I don’t have a whole lot of time to be scrubbing streaks from places I just cleaned. Streak free also brings joy to my cleaning.

This is not a sponsored post. Realhousewifeandmom is not being paid on any sales of this item. This is truly my opinion from my experience with this product.

Book Review: Blog Inc. By: Joy Deangdeerlert Cho

I am pretty new at blogging and still got lots to learn. I do spend time online researching for tips, advice, & learning material. At some point in the near future, I would like to take my blog to the next level, before doing so I want to learn more things and programs before doing so. I would also like to research my options more. I have a plan to take the next step by Fall 2016. I have been a fan of Jennifer Ross’s blog Pretty Neat Living (presiously known as Organized Like Jen) & YouTube channel for at least 2 years. After watching YouTuber Jennifer Ross from Pretty Neat Living on her review of Blog Inc. it made it clear I must read that book. So I decided to purchase the book off of amazon.

I have nothing but good things to say about this book, I was reading it every chance I got. The advice they offer is true and come from real well known Bloggers and their experiences. I would highly recommend this book to any blogger that is interested in learning more to improve their blog or if your thinking of starting a blog. This book gives you step by step instructions, amazing tips, and advice. It also gives you tips and advice about blogging platforms, soical media, etc…

What I have learned about blogging for myself was that it really started out as a hobby and nothing more, but it has turned into a passion and I have discovered how much I love blogging and sharing. I have figured out how to balance my life to include blogging. Next year a big change is happening in my life that I am excited and nervous about at the same time, lol. I will not go into detail about it now, but soon enough I sure will be sharing.

Do you have any blogging advice or tips to share? Know a good book for bloggers? Comment below.

Erin Condren Life Planner 2014/2015 Review

erin pic 1

I am so excited to share this review with you all. It’s a bit late, but I like to use my items or products for a while before I give a review on it, so that I can provide an honest review. Prior to this planner I was using the Arc system which I put together myself according to my needs and I did really enjoy it. I always change planners, every time I my planner is almost done I start looking for new ones to try out. I had custom the arc to work with what I wanted and needed it took me longer to get use to the Erin Condren planner and therefore took me longer to review it.

I love they way it came packaged, the nice post card showing you other items. A welcome card, that was so sweet. An added bonus was they had sent some different labels for you to see and use. Some were for personal use, birthday present, other gift occasion ones, which was very nice of them. I was sooooo excited when it landed on my door step via FedEx. I ordered this planner last July and paid the extra to have the 18 month planner.

erin pic 2

I love how you can personalize the cover to your name, business name, or website. I love the colors and brightness. It makes it fun and easy to look at. I also like the fact that you can change out your covers easily and that once you switch your cover to a different one it does not damage and you are able to put it back on when you like.

erin 4erin 3 I love that it has month at a glance for each month with lots of space in the squares to write in your special date &/or appointments. It also has a great side space for extra notes you would like to have. I usually use that extra space for goals, projects, gifts to buy for that month. It’s really nice to have their quotes on the top of each month, it’s a beautiful positive quote and each month has a different one. There are tabs that are laminated for each month and each month tab is a different color.

The weekly space is great, lots of room to write. With four kids I always have something to write down for them (appt., sports, birthday parties etc..) and can still fit my appointments and to do’s for the day. What I would change (which I believe their new planner has the change already) is that above each square is labeled morning, afternoon, evening. I prefer it blank as sometimes I have more going on in the morning then the afternoon &/or vs versa. I like that it continues to have the side note space and each day at the bottom has a little space for a note. The side note area I like to jot down something that doesn’t have to be done on a certain day but should be handled or done that week.  It is nice that in the corner of each page of the weekly planner you have a small view of the current month.

I love how durable the bookmark is, it’s made of plastic and is very easy to take out and put back in. I use my planner daily since last September and the bookmark, the front & back covers have held up and have no damage or broken parts. This planner is also coil bond and my coils have held up, no bending or anything.

erin 5At the end of your December month you have a tab page labeled notes, lined pages to write anything you like to have in you planner.

I love that you can custom your labels, I got a section of them labeled with what I use most and some just blank so that if I wanted something labeled I could just write in the space and mark the day with that label, I liked that I had them on hand.

The insert pocket is a nice feature to have, I usually store receipts, outgoing mail, notes that I had made but didn’t have time in that moment to write it in the planner, you have the pocket on both sides of that pages. It is pretty strong and mine has held up with no rips or tears.

The forgot me not booklet is so cute. Lot’s of space to write birthdays, anniversaries that will never change for each month. Best of all for that item, it’s not dated so you can always continue to use that one without purchasing another one and having to re-write those dates each time.

I also picked to add photo labels to my planner for those special days or certain events.

The plastic insert is handy to have as I store my extra labels that Erin Condren included for free along with my chq book and I know it’s secure as it seals close with just a slide across the red line.

The other extra’s I got was the pen holder , book band, and the event keeper. The pen holder didn’t hold up very well for me as within the first month it lost it’s stick and never held my pen anymore. The book band I love, it is very durable and love that it comes in a pack of 3, so you can always change your color out. It holds the planner together closed nicely. It works great when my planner has been way to full to hold it closed without the lose papers/notes/mail falling out. The event holder is neat, I really liked it as you can stick any invitation to it and it holds! You can insert it either in the month at a glance page of the actually week. It was useful for the invites we got for birthday parties, weddings, showers, etc… I would usually have it inserted in the month at a glance and then once that month came I would take it from there and move it to the week the event was happening. That way I never lost directions, addresses, etc… and with four kids not remembering and misplacing things happen a lot, lol.

Overall, I really liked this planner and would recommend it. It is a little pricey and could get really pricey with the add ons. Erin Condren has come out with the new Vertical weekly layout which I have watched a few YouTube videos on and I am adding that option to my list as my current planner ends this December 2015 and I am already looking at new planners/agendas. If you have any recommendations on planners and/or agenda’s comment below as I always love to check planners out.

Do you use an Erin Condren planner? What are your thoughts on it? If you would like to share comment below.

If you would like to share your planner, comment below. I also love seeing what other planners people are using.

Realhousewifeandmom is not getting paid on any sales from this blog post. The planner was not offered to me, I purchased it.

All opinions given are my own.