Moving Series: Start Packing

Let the packing begin.

Of course for this I have planned already where to start with my lists making which I blogged earlier about (check it out here). I stick with it. For this move I did buy something to try out and see how it works for us for this move.

Yup, tape already labeled and for the rooms I couldn’t find I selected just colored tape to use. All of these were found at Dollar Tree so it was really inexpensive and I didn’t use them to seal the whole box, it was more for labeling it. I used it on the two corners of the box so no matter what way they are loaded into the truck you can see which room it would be going to no matter who was unloading the truck. Of course for the tape used with no name I did put on the top of the box with a permanent marker which room.
This post isn’t long at all as it is now just to get packing and insure you start one room at a time, pack everything not needed for the rest that is insure you have box/boxes kept aside for it. Also, tip is label every box and even detail of what is in the box. It helps so much to know exactly what is in each box when it comes to unpacking. Another tip is toss whatever you know you want need or no longer want/use. The less junk to store at the new place.

Do you have packing tips you would like to share? Comment below I would love to hear them.


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I thought I would share an amazing website with you all. I was contact by a member of to try their website out with my kids for a fun way to learn. I thought I would give it a try as I have nothing to lose.
I was amazed with what this site has to offer, it’s learning for kids in a fun way. They have many activities and lessons to choose from and kids love electronics so this is a way for them to play online while learning. The site is easy to follow for you and a child. If your child gets stuck on an activity there is a “Hint” button they can click and it will help them by giving a hint. There are many turntables available as well. On the side tab there are lists as choices, example: worksheets, songs, etc… you can select what you prefer to see if you don’t want just all of it shown. Now that school is back to full swing I am trying to limit time of electronics to the kids, I don’t mind them using electronics for learning activities however, but limiting the time spent on them on YouTube, minecraft, etc..

These activities can also be accessed from your phone, so if you are stuck at the kiss and ride or at an appointment with your kid(s) you can have them entertained and they are learning.

I have workbooks that I have purchased so that when they do not have homework from school they must complete 1 page of work from the book and read for at least 20 minutes. I also try to get them to draw or color. Once the work is complete I allow free time for iPads etc…

I have done the math activities with Ava, who is in grade 2 & Madison, who is in SK (different types of the levels of course) from  I will be looking into getting Kianna, who is in grade 6 into some of the activities as well.  They are recommended for kids 2-11 years old from what I have checked out, they do have a Highschool choice, but I did not find anything for that in that tab yet. This site is also recommended for Teachers as it asks the option of a Parent or Teacher when going into the website.

I love to share things I love and that I believe my readers will be interested in. If you check out the link, comment below and let me know what you think of it.  Feel free to share this post with your family and friends that you think might be interested in this post. Are you a teacher and have checked out the site? I would love for you to let me know what you think, comment below.


Have you checked out the website? Comment below I would love to hear what you think. Also, do you use other great learning websites for your kids &/or students? Comment below and share.


This is not a sponsored post and I am not being paid for anyone who uses the link. Regardless of being sponsored or paid I will always recommend what I believe in with true opinions and not false. 


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Moving Series: Getting Ready To List Part: 1

Hello friends!

This post will be about everything I did to get ready for the House going on the market. I do suggest that the minute you know you will be listing your home, start working. Even if there is still a month or 2 before, get on it.
I use to get very overwhelmed thinking I had lots of time to get the house ready, it’s a lot of work to do and life still goes on and the next thing I knew we had to rush, rush, rush. So, now I get on it right away.

First I get together some sort of notebook, think of categories and get some post it flag notes of some kind to start the process. I also print a current & next month calendar to write on & plan before writing it in my planner as I use them for a rough copy.



Tabs for my  notebook.

Make lists of areas you need to get to first.  Make a second list of the areas that you would like to get to and what needs to be done. Tackling the harder parts first makes it easier and not too overwhelming to do the rest, also you wont have the harder jobs in the end. Always do the bigger tasks first. Also, make a list of projects while you are checking each floor, like if any area needs painting, a light bulb to be changed, even if a piece of furniture is to be moved out. So you are not always wasting to much time everyday with walk thru and lists.





Here we go;

Get some boxes, bins, tape, garbage bags.

Declutter! I start with the most cluttered places like closets, junk drawers, kitchen counters, bathroom counters, pantry, basement, office, & toy room.

I go thru used items, get rid of things not needed, & pack the things we wont be using or needing until after the move.

Go thru each floor. When you have time to work with before the actual listing of the house that helps. When going thru each floor think of what you can pack, stage the house with (if needed) and write everything down. Pack extra decor or unneeded decor. It does save time when having to clean in a rush.

Kitchen-pack up things in cupboards and drawers you know you won’t be using, if you can empty out a lower cupboard you can store appliances that you may use a lot that sit on your counter. I have done that and it is a huge help to have things I need but don’t want them on the counter so that I can free up the clutter. It helps make it feel and look bigger. It’s also a huge time saver to not have to wipe them down all the time. Out of sight but still in arms reach.

De-personalize! Clear that fridge, pack up those pictures & art work & even notes that you have hanging on the fridge. Clear picture frames from furniture. I have heard that the more pictures you have and the more it feels like your home a buyer can’t see themselves in that home. Not saying you can’t have your kids or family pictures but limit the amount of them all around the house. Pack up kids artwork you may have out on display.

To have less out saves time means less to clean, easier to up keep with and makes spaces feel bigger. You want it to almost be like a staged model home. Of course we live in our houses and we have kids and animals, but things that aren’t needed out and aren’t something we use can get packed away. This also makes it much easier to up keep for viewings and open houses.

Want to share some tips, comment below.


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Hi all,

I wanted to share some of my blog changes you will be seeing. I am updating my current blog to reflect me now. I will be keeping the same URL as it is apart of me and it is originally how I created my brand and my blog.


As you may know, I am no longer a stay-at-home-mom (you can see that post here), I am now a working mom of four and with many changes in my life and routines, but I still have the same passion for blogging and sharing my stories with you. I just felt that my current names, ex:Housewife_mom and stay-at-home-mom of 4 no longer reflects me. I have a big passion for blogging and will continue to blog and share my life with you all and of course pretty much the same content. I have been thinking of changes to my blog/social media names for a while about late December 2016 early January 2017. I wanted to insure the change would still reflect me and continue to grow with me as I continue my journey in blogging. I have decided to go with “My Life Stories” as it is perfect to reflect my blog and me. Most of my content is about my life, routines, kids, etc…. I feel that “My Life Stories” is the perfect fit and I am able to continue my journey with my blog for many years to come under that name as I am not limited to it. I will be able to grow and share just about everything. One day I may return to being a stay-at-home-mom and feel that My Life Stories still fits that.

If you want to start a blog, one tip I learned from my journey is when selecting your URL &/or blog name, try to come up with a name that is not limited and can grow with your blog for many years. I am no pro, but just wanted to share that tip that I learned thru my blogging years.

Some fun is in the works, I am also in the process of changing my logo and blog look, so stay tuned. I am also thinking of doing some video content. If you would like to share what you want to see in the future comment below and leave your video ideas.


If you would like to share any ideas for a logo or new blog look, comment below or email me at I would love to hear tips & ideas from you all.


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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that it feels like your going to crash?


I am going thru that feeling, I am still learning to balance life since returning to the working field, being a working mom of four, keeping up with the house, and a puppy.

I love my job, and I am not going to give it up, I just been finding that I am really juggling things and pushing things that I love to do aside for lots of reasons. When I finally get time to do my hobbies or go get that manicure I am too tired and take laying down option instead. I really need to change things up and go back to taking time to do me.

I use to have a routine where I would go for coffee every so often with friends and just relax, talk, enjoy laughs, etc… I would also take the time to go for a walk, get my car detailed, read a book, get a mani & pedi, and just give me sometime to re-charge. Now that sometime is going to bed early. I am a morning person so I go go go in the morning and during the day, come about 5pm and I am done. I use to be able just to relax for half hr and get back to it, but not lately. I am so overwhelmed at this moment that all I want to do is sleep, feels like I have no balance and always fitting things in here and there to get done instead of taking the time for it and even enjoying it. I do go thru this feeling time to time and do manage to get out of it, I thought I would share this with you all because I know life is hard and we as moms try to do everything. We take so much time for everyone else but ourselves. We all need to learn to take care of  “Us” and make that a priority. We need to do things we love and want too as well. Taking care of myself I use to feel guilty, ex. going for a coffee with my friends and leaving hubby to do the kids bedtime, going for a mani and pedi etc…. There is nothing to feel guilty about when taking the time to do something for yourself or take that break away. In fact, I believe it makes us better. I know that when I fit more breaks in I feel better, more refreshed, & able to handle more stressful times or even just those moments.
Now and days there is a lot of judgement on how a mom “should be or do”. It’s unfair& untrue, let me tell you that I use to need a break from my 2 younger kids when they were under 2 years old and I use to drive to Tim Horton’s, get a coffee and drive around with loud music and just unwind. Even something simple like that worked miracles with my mood and when I returned home I was so much refreshed. I use to get comments like; what do you mean you do that?, So you leave to give yourself “Me time”? with looks on their faces like I was the worst mom ever! But guess what I wasn’t and still am not! I am a better mom to my kids for fitting those times for myself and allowing myself to do something I love or enjoy and when I return I am refreshed and there ready as always.

Now tho, being a working mom of four & a puppy I am finding less time to take that time for me and more like I am just pushing thru. I feel like I am burning out and I really need to figure out balance. I just take too much on my plate, I like my kids taken care of, a clean house, etc…… I need to spread it out and learn that on the weekends if I don’t get it all done, it’s ok (I really need to accept that) I think once I do and once I start taking my time for me again I will come out of this funk.

I also believe this has come up at this time in my life as I was use to being a stay-at-home-mom and this is the first summer as me being a working mom. I was tracking things before school was out to insure that the kids had things to do and still having fun times while I am at work. Insuring that our deep freezer was packed with easy food in case times where the meal provided wasn’t everyone’s choice. Where last summer it was hard having all 4 kids at home all day, but it was easier to balance and plan things to do with the kids and still being able to handle the everyday house load, appointments, play dates and so fourth. Now our family outings can only be planned for the weekends and we still need to be on tight routines as we need to go to work in the morning during the week. Being a stay-at-home-mom of course is a lot of work as well, I am not down playing that, but for me I found that I was able to balance more things without feeling overwhelmed and still had time to fit in “Me time”.

Another role in this could be that at times my kids have said they want me to go back to being a stay-at-home-mom. Reality is tho aside from Summer break and the little PA Days, March break, & Christmas break all of my kids are in full day school. So, what would I do all day everyday alone at home? Ya it would be great at times, get get groceries, cleaning, etc… all done with no kids, but everyday? When my youngest was 1 years old I use to say “when all kids are in school, I am going to take a year or 2 off for me and do whatever I want” well before Madison (my youngest) was going to start school I was already thinking after I get all things that I have wanted to do off the list and all organized and relaxed what will I do after? Everyday? So, that’s when I was thinking of maybe going to school again and taking a course or something. Maybe working even part-time. I then got an offer to return to my job that I left 6-7 years ago and I could work around my kids school time and I jumped at it. I thought why not, let’s try and if it doesn’t work out then no harm, but if I didn’t take the jump I would of thought about that chance I didn’t take. I also get a great feeling of independence working and have a great boss.

As of today, I am going to work on this goal and with a new mind set to get balance and letting go of the not so important tasks. It will get done sometime, if not today another day and that’s okay.


Do you ever feel like this? What do you do to help with it? What are something you do for “Me time”? I would love to hear feedback from you so please comment below and share with me.

Our New Addition, Meet Nala 

nala1We have a new Addition to the family, this blue eyed cutie is Nala.

She is a Siberian Husky. Nala was born on December 31st, 2016.

Training is coming along, there’s good and bad days. Sometime’s I get overwhelmed with how much work is involved, I believe I forgot how hard puppy stage is and how much work goes into it. With being a working mom I added more work to my plate, smart right! LOL.

Even tho she can drive me crazy at times and even make some days feel like training her is hopeless, we love her and are very happy we added her to our family. We did lose our family dog this year, that I have had for almost 15 years (you can read about that post here). Our house felt empty, missing something. Now, let’s make something clear Nala does not replace Peaches (our family dog that pasted) or have we forgotten about her at all. My kids actually still talk about her and have her picture on their electronics as display. Nala has made it easier for the younger kids to cope with that loss of Peaches, she adds fun and crazy days to our life.

Nala, I know with added training & structure will be fine once her puppy stage is over. We have her now for over 3 months. I love her excitement when she know we are home from our day. She is like a said a puppy still so lots of watching is required when she lose. We do crate train her when no one is home. Nala is doing alot better from a month ago, as time goes by she is getting better at not getting into to many things, and accidents are so much less now (Thank Goodness). She loves to nibble even on us, lol. She also loves all her toys and going for walks. We are now working on her distractions when outside and also the no jumping when greeting people. We still got a long way to go for training and lots of work , but I wouldn’t trade her for anything. We are completely in love with her.

We do believe she hates being in her crate, as she now doesn’t have accidents in the house and nothing all night when sleeping in our room, but once she gets put in the crate for the day, we come home to something everyday. The vet suggested to keep putting her in as she is a puppy and needs to be crate trained and with time she will realize that she’s fine and the accidents in the crate will end. We believe she is doing that to get out but we all know that dogs can’t tell time so to her she has no idea if it’s 10mins or 5 hrs before we come home.Nala use to sleep in her crate at night until she started that habit and I tried not putting her in at night and letting her stay in our room to see if she would do anything and nope nada, no accidents all night. That’s how we know that she is testing us and does not like being in her crate. Anyone have suggestions to ways to get her to like the crate? We did try getting her a comfy bed for it, feeding her in there at meal times and each time she goes in the crate we give her a treat.




Nala’s current picture and her favourite part of being on the balcony with me every morning.


Any husky readers here reading this post? If you have any tips to share please leave a comment below. We are open to hearing any  tips & tricks.

Eyelash Extensions 

I recently got to experience getting eyelash extensions and I love mine!

I naturally have long eyelashes, but I wanted a them a bit longer and get the look of wearing mascara without actually wearing it. I’m a busy working mom of 4 and one less makeup to apply the better. I don’t regularly wear alot of makeup to begin with, but I love a simple look of a natural eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss, especially now that I am working I need to look some what put together, lol. So, one less thing to apply the less time required in the mornings. Being busy moms we know that even the very little few minutes we save here and there are amazing. I won’t lie, the process of getting them done does take long, but who doesnt love the idea of being alone and able to relax for an hour right, so worth it. Each eyelash is applied one by one and to insure they look as natural as possible they are lined with your eyelash line. I go in comfortable clothing, leave my phone in my bag and relax. I have a great girl who does them, she’s a mom as well and she’s really nice. It helps with time going by as well, you get to chit chat.

Here is my before picture, and yes I needed to get my eyebrows waxed which was later that day, lol. So please don’t mind the hair lol, real life as I always say.

before eyelashes

I would totally recommend them if you love the look of wearing mascara and want one less makeup product to apply. There is maintenance to follow if you would like them to last long a few are; no mascara, no direct water contact for 24hrs, water base eyeliner is recommend, no rubbing and a few little things. Every so often you will need to go back and get them filled in if you would like to keep them looking fresh. When getting them filled it does take less time.

Here is my after picture

eyelashes after


eyelashes after 2

I have done the eyelashes that you buy at Sephora &/or drugstores and apply with glue all in the comfort of your home and yes I like those too, but they are more for a temporary look & they do take me some time as I have shakey hands. These also look more natural, and feel so much lighter. The store bought lashes are heavier on your eyes.


If you are around the Brampton area and would like to get an appointment with a great girl, you can contact Angie at



This is not a sponsor post. Opinions are based on my experience and my love to share real life experiences.