Our New Addition, Meet Nala 

nala1We have a new Addition to the family, this blue eyed cutie is Nala.

She is a Siberian Husky. Nala was born on December 31st, 2016.

Training is coming along, there’s good and bad days. Sometime’s I get overwhelmed with how much work is involved, I believe I forgot how hard puppy stage is and how much work goes into it. With being a working mom I added more work to my plate, smart right! LOL.

Even tho she can drive me crazy at times and even make some days feel like training her is hopeless, we love her and are very happy we added her to our family. We did lose our family dog this year, that I have had for almost 15 years (you can read about that post here). Our house felt empty, missing something. Now, let’s make something clear Nala does not replace Peaches (our family dog that pasted) or have we forgotten about her at all. My kids actually still talk about her and have her picture on their electronics as display. Nala has made it easier for the younger kids to cope with that loss of Peaches, she adds fun and crazy days to our life.

Nala, I know with added training & structure will be fine once her puppy stage is over. We have her now for over 3 months. I love her excitement when she know we are home from our day. She is like a said a puppy still so lots of watching is required when she lose. We do crate train her when no one is home. Nala is doing alot better from a month ago, as time goes by she is getting better at not getting into to many things, and accidents are so much less now (Thank Goodness). She loves to nibble even on us, lol. She also loves all her toys and going for walks. We are now working on her distractions when outside and also the no jumping when greeting people. We still got a long way to go for training and lots of work , but I wouldn’t trade her for anything. We are completely in love with her.

We do believe she hates being in her crate, as she now doesn’t have accidents in the house and nothing all night when sleeping in our room, but once she gets put in the crate for the day, we come home to something everyday. The vet suggested to keep putting her in as she is a puppy and needs to be crate trained and with time she will realize that she’s fine and the accidents in the crate will end. We believe she is doing that to get out but we all know that dogs can’t tell time so to her she has no idea if it’s 10mins or 5 hrs before we come home.Nala use to sleep in her crate at night until she started that habit and I tried not putting her in at night and letting her stay in our room to see if she would do anything and nope nada, no accidents all night. That’s how we know that she is testing us and does not like being in her crate. Anyone have suggestions to ways to get her to like the crate? We did try getting her a comfy bed for it, feeding her in there at meal times and each time she goes in the crate we give her a treat.




Nala’s current picture and her favourite part of being on the balcony with me every morning.


Any husky readers here reading this post? If you have any tips to share please leave a comment below. We are open to hearing any  tips & tricks.

Eyelash Extensions 

I recently got to experience getting eyelash extensions and I love mine!

I naturally have long eyelashes, but I wanted a them a bit longer and get the look of wearing mascara without actually wearing it. I’m a busy working mom of 4 and one less makeup to apply the better. I don’t regularly wear alot of makeup to begin with, but I love a simple look of a natural eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss, especially now that I am working I need to look some what put together, lol. So, one less thing to apply the less time required in the mornings. Being busy moms we know that even the very little few minutes we save here and there are amazing. I won’t lie, the process of getting them done does take long, but who doesnt love the idea of being alone and able to relax for an hour right, so worth it. Each eyelash is applied one by one and to insure they look as natural as possible they are lined with your eyelash line. I go in comfortable clothing, leave my phone in my bag and relax. I have a great girl who does them, she’s a mom as well and she’s really nice. It helps with time going by as well, you get to chit chat.

Here is my before picture, and yes I needed to get my eyebrows waxed which was later that day, lol. So please don’t mind the hair lol, real life as I always say.

before eyelashes

I would totally recommend them if you love the look of wearing mascara and want one less makeup product to apply. There is maintenance to follow if you would like them to last long a few are; no mascara, no direct water contact for 24hrs, water base eyeliner is recommend, no rubbing and a few little things. Every so often you will need to go back and get them filled in if you would like to keep them looking fresh. When getting them filled it does take less time.

Here is my after picture

eyelashes after


eyelashes after 2

I have done the eyelashes that you buy at Sephora &/or drugstores and apply with glue all in the comfort of your home and yes I like those too, but they are more for a temporary look & they do take me some time as I have shakey hands. These also look more natural, and feel so much lighter. The store bought lashes are heavier on your eyes.


If you are around the Brampton area and would like to get an appointment with a great girl, you can contact Angie at longlashesbyangie@gmail.com



This is not a sponsor post. Opinions are based on my experience and my love to share real life experiences.


Hey Friends,

April Showers are suppose to bring May flowers, but so far it’s only brought more rain.

It’s been so rainy here in Ontario lately and it’s not over, today is suppose to rain for the next 3 days (if not more, the way it’s been going). Well, with the weekend coming up and the rain not going to break, I thought I would go on Pinterest and get some ideas that the kids can do this weekend. With not being able to play outside, the fights will be more, the “I’m boredddd” is going to drive me up the wall, lol. I found some great ideas for the kids to do, I have 4 kids, my oldest is 14 yrs old (tomorrow), 10 year old, 6 year old, & a 5 year old. Now my teenage boy is not into these things anymore, but the other three are. I found fun games, learning activities, and more. If you would like to see what I have pinned you can check it out here. That my most current pins. I also have a Kids Craft board that you can check out for more ideas here.

I normally always have supplies on hand for crafts, being a mom of 4 I always stock up on craft items from Dollar Tree & Dollarama. I have even created a craft bin with things that the kids can go to themselves and grab to do. Of course the items in there are picked out by me as that bin is for when I am busy but the kids would like to do crafts the can. Nothing in there is things that they need me for. I really recommend everytime you go to the dollar store to pick up a few things so that way you always have stock of items. Another great thing to find at the dollar store that my kids love to do is puzzles . I hope that this post gave you some ideas that can work for you & your family on rainy days or just even on days where you can’t be outside.

If you have fun ideas, please comment below, I am always looking for new ideas.

Happy St.Patrick’s Day 2016

Good morning,

Just wanted to wish all that celebrate a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


If you are looking for some fun St.Patrick’s crafts, diys, &/or activities I did turn to Pinterest like always for ideas. Click here to see what I have pinned.

If you would like to share your crafts/diys/activities for St.Patrick’s Day comment below.


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This is a late night post, but I couldn’t help to to express some of my feelings and thoughts on what I seen . I can’t believe this news article right now, http://globalnews.ca/news/2582204/albino-father-and-his-son-escorted-off-toronto-bus-by-police-after-suspected-abduction/ 

I just finished tucking my girls into bed and come to sit and check facebook and there’s the above article on my news feed and I was stocked! I think no way of course and click to read the full story. How can someone do that? 

We live in Canada a multi cultural country! I, for one am married to someone out of my culture and is darker then I am. So now people got to worry about being out in about with kids that don’t match their skin tone! That is ridiculous! I totally understand if the child seemed to be in danger or even seen struggling to get away, but that was not the case in this matter. Some people these days seem to not have much to do with all these ridiculous things some do. This is not the kind of country we live it. We love people of all race and have the freedom to date/marry/common-inlaw etc…..  Anyone from any race. So, should I no longer take out my niece who looks nothing like me & we have different skin tones? This is not a new thing and people really need to learn how to mind their own business. 

From what I read, this child suffered some major stress over something someone wanted to pull, which could of been avoided. My heart goes out to this family & I hope they are all ok especially the child. This poor dad, not even knowing what the heck was happening & treated like he did something wrong.  I do not blame the police for what their part in matter was as they are there to protect us and insure the safety of children and adults. Lesson to all, do not judge by the outside ever!

What are your thoughts on this? I would love to hear, comment below.

Valentines Ideas for Couples

It’s February already, feels like January just started. Welcome February, and with that being said Valentine’s Day is around the corner. When I was younger & first dating Amar, Valentines was a big thing but after 17 1/2 yrs together (13 1/2 yrs married) it’s not a big thing anymore. After my first born, we started turning down the high of Valentine’s. Don’t get me wrong it’s still very special, but after many years we have made it simple but still very special.

We don’t do expensive gifts anymore, hubby normally brings home flowers or roses for me and our 3 daughters and something special for our son. At times yes, we plan and get a babysitter and go for dinner or like last yesterday we went away for the weekend with other couples (no kids), & we had a great time. There has been years where we do simple things at home after the kids go to bed like:

  1. Have a movie date night at home
  2. Hubby picks up a special dessert we enjoy it together
  3. Have a romantic evening at home
  4. Run a nice hot bath and just relax and enjoy some laughs and extra bonding time

Might not sound so appealing and many have other opinions, but this is mine. We should love and show love to our other half all year round. We shouldn’t just go out of our way one day in the year. I enjoy special bonding time with my husband where we make new memories and grow closer together.

I did turn to my love for pinning on Pinterest and got some special things you can make or buy for your loved one. I also included some romantic fun ideas & gift ideas.

If you would like to share some gift or ideas you have I would love to hear them, comment below.

If you missed my previous post on Valentine’s Day you can check it out here.

Finally-My New Car

Im so excited to have my new car. I love her and think she’s a beauty. Now if you recall my blog post of Bye bye old, Hello to the new you would know that this wasn’t even on the list of what I was looking into and considering getting. Well, after I published that post I opened up to more options and I am glad I did. I found this beauty.

Infinite Q60 2015

The truck space is bigger then my last SUV and with a family of 6 we sure need any added space. The seating is so comfortable. & this is a 7 passenger car, the back seats have so much more leg room, especially in the very back seats. So many options to choose from, easy to control, smooth drive, and lots more. I am not  all about cars and their features, so to explain all the features won’t be happening, lol.

I always wanted a white car and I am so happy to finally have one.

I am having some photo editting issues, so I am unable to provide more pictures at this time. Once those issues are solved I will share more with you. This is also an older post that was suppose to go up in September.

This is not a sponsored posted all opinions are my own.