Guess what’s happening again, LOL.

We are moving! This time I am a working mom of 4 and going to be getting the house ready for listing, then viewings, and of course moving.

I thought I would do posts on different stages of this process.

Being a working mom now and just starting to figure out a schedule for my blog postings, I want to share still because I love to, but I don’t have the same time for it like before. With my returning to blogging I still want to put all effort into it, for a good read, useful tips, etc… so I will be taking lots pictures and maybe even a video here and there.

We are so excited to have a backyard again (which this current house, doesn’t have) I am hoping that the excitement part will help with the stress of preparing our current house for sale & viewings. I am not sure about you, but viewings stress me out & more so now with the thought of the up keep of having everything perfect with me working & four kids.

So, I am thinking of sharing everything  I do to get the house ready for sale. Then to getting ready for the ongoing viewing part of the process and then moving. I am also thinking of sharing the move, cleaning, unpacking etc… Let me know if you are interested in that. Now I am no pro, but I have moved a few times and would like to share tips, methods, etc…. that have worked for us.

By the time you read this, we have sold our current home & I am now working on the getting ready to Move Process which I will be sharing with you all.

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I thought I would share my tips with you for de-cluttering, I always ask myself questions when I am stuck on an item to let go of.

  1. When is the last time I wore it?
  2. Will I ever wear it again?
  3. How many do I have of this? (Same or similar)
  4. How often do we use it?
  5. Is there a use for it?
  6. Why am I keeping this?

Of course when not in doubt no need to ask myself these questions, I use it for when I am stuck on letting go or keeping something.

For example, I use to have everything from baby/toddler years for all 4 of my kids. Boxes and boxes full stored in the basement. I am a mom of 4, so let me tell you there where way too many boxes taking up space that really didn’t need to. Yes, I still have boxes (containers), but they are now down to one container per child. In each of those boxes are things I could really not let go of, memories, special moments, & outfits of special moments. I also kept one outfit that I knew would not go out of style that maybe one day they would like to take for their own baby. There is also their favorite baby stuffy, 1 only. Why I was keeping everything I have no idea, maybe I was not ready to let go of it. So, from over 20 boxes I am down to 4 clear containers with lids, 1 for each child. I feel good about it, lots of freed up space, most importantly I know everything in each bin is important and I always have easy access to them now.

I use these questions all the time for my clothing items, as for some reason I always hold on to items/pieces I think I will use again, when truth be told I don’t. These questions actually help me let go quicker now.
The other area of my home I need these questions for in order to get the ball rolling in purging is my kitchen & party supply space. I always think “Oh what if I need this when we have a get together or large number of people for a party” truth on that is yes there are some things required and actually used, but not everything. Honestly, I have changed to white dishes and severing pieces instead of what I use to have. White goes with every theme & color and never goes out of style. Prior to getting the white dishes I let go of the items I didn’t need/want and held onto the ones I use and wanted to replace with white ones. Once I found those pieces in white, I let go of the others right away.

What are some of your De-cluttering tips/questions? I would love to hear them so comment below.

How To Be More Productive 

Hi friends,

Thought I would share my tips that help be be more productive to get things done. These especially help me on those crazy does where I don’t have a lot of time to work with. It also helps me on those “lazy days” when you really don’t want to get moving.

  1. Lists-make a list of must do’s, not everything you want to do but of the things that are top priority. 
  2. No distractions, this is a big one. We waste alot of time checking our phones and once we pick it up to check one thing it doesn’t end there. Next thing an 1 hr is wasted. No other electronics either, as something might be interesting and we will stop to watch.
  3. Have routines in place (ex: morning and evening) of chores so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you need to take care of those “must dos” 
  4. On the days you have things you must get done, focus on only those until they are done. If you have time once completing those you can then do something else you would like to do.
  5. Have everyone in your family help thru out the day with chores. (Ex. Gets the kids to take out the trash at the end of the day, get everyone to load the dishwasher of any dishes they use, etc..) if everything is on you alone you will get very overwhelmed 
  6. Get a planner- now it doesn’t have to be expensive a simple one from the dollar store, whatever planner works for you. Plan everything in it, work days, kids events, appt, bills, to do’s. Everything all in one place. Review and plan every night and in the morning take a quick glance at it. This will also help you to not over do yourself. You can see how busy a day is ahead of time and you can change a to do or a list of things around to when it works for you.
  7. Make a list of things you want to do or get to and on less busy days you can go to the list and get a few things done or even just one and even if it’s just one off the list it’s still awesome and that’s one thing off the list. 

These are a few tips that help me stay on track. Since I started working I was over doing things and feeling like I wasn’t getting a hang of things around the house or errands because time was not enough. Now I plan accordingly and a morning & evening routine also help me sooooo much. Morning and evening routines have helped me way before I was even a working mom. I also swear by my planner, a family of 6 and now a puppy, there is always something and could be so easy to lose track of.

Do you have any tips or/& advice you would like to share with us? Comment below I would love to hear them.

Review: Dollar Tree Window Clean


This product from Dollar Tree is amazing.


I do still love my Onmicloth I must say, but I love testing new products out. I was watching TheUnfrumphyMommyLife youtube video (check out her channel here) I can’t remember which video it is where she talks about this product, but her channel is great and she has lots of cleaning videos up (and many others) and you will see this window cleaner product in them and she loves it. So, the next time I visited The Dollar Tree (now I live in Canada so not everything I see that the States stores get, we don’t always have the same items or products) I found it and decided to try it out.


I must say I was pretty impressed with it. Its does a great job and leaves no streaks and no film at all, it also leaves a great shine. I also love that it is Ammonia Free. I have tested it on glass surfaces, windows,  mirrors and love it! Now there is a smell of vinegar to it, but to me anyways it is not strong, but you do smell it when spraying. It’s a great product that is not highly priced, I paid $1.25 and am amazed at how well it works and cleans. I now have a bottle always on hand just in case. I also used it on glass shower doors, where I live we have hard water it leave marks on glass which this product removes and leaves the glass shiny. I have a puppy who hates the crate and always makes a mess in there, so I have used it to clean the crate and love it so much that I now use it to clean the dog crate at least once a week with it.

I am a regular user of my Omnicloth, which you can read my review on it here. At times my cloths are in the washer and with 4 kids and a puppy I love that I have this product to use as my backup.

I gave up on Windex because it was always leaving streaks and a bit of a film, I hated that. Made everything look like it was not properly clean. Windex isn’t cheap either for something that doesn’t work great.


This is not a sponsored post, I just love sharing with you all products that work.

Updated: Daily Cleaning Routine

It’s been awhile since I posted my last cleaning routine, so I thought I would share my new one. Since moving to a different house and returning to work a lot of my routines have changed.

Kids still have there chores and the help is more appreciated now then ever!

I still live with my agenda and need it more now with working as I have four kids in school there I always something to prepare for or to remember. I also still make “To Do” lists, sometimes the night before for the next day or sometimes at work while I am eating lunch. I barely do it during lunch at work as I have a new night routine and I like to do it in bed or in my office before turning in for the night. I have a post on Seven Things I Do Everyday you can check out here. I like to do on those days where you have less time to get things done, but don’t want to totally let everything go.


Daily Cleaning/Things to do Routine:


  • Clean up after making breakfast
  • Load & start dishwasher
  • Wipe counter surfaces
  • Prepare coffee machine (My husband & I have coffee after dinner)
  • Quick sweep of kitchen (if time permits, LOL)
  • Tidy up upstairs once we are all ready


KIDS After-school Chores:

  • Main floor vacuum
  • All closet stuff including shoes put away
  • 1st floor vacuum
  • Trash, Compost, Recycling takin out
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Wash dishes, containers, from school & after school eating
  • Tidy their rooms
  • Bring laundry down
  • Clean up after dog (outside)



  • Clean up after dinner
  • Load Dishwasher
  • Wash any dishes (not for dishwasher)
  • Wipe counters
  • Quick tidy up all floors once kids are in bed
  • Load of laundry
  • Double check backpacks for papers or containers, water bottles, etc….


A few things I also do is;

  • wash dishes as I am cooking, anything used to prep dinner and any dishes or pots used.
  • tidy up bathrooms (once everyone has used it)
  • Prepare coffee machine for next day
  • cut up fruits or veggies for next day lunches
  • lunches
  • Sign school agendas
  • Pick out my two youngest kids clothes for the next day
  • Go thru my planner for the next day
  • Plan anything that needs to done for the next day


Now some days some of these things may not get done as this is real life sometimes we are just too tired or something came up. Even the kids chores, sometimes they don’t get all done, they may have more homework, playdate, spend more time outside, etc… & that’s ok as when chores are kept up with normally it isn’t so bad when things aren’t always completed. I have a post on Seven Things I Do Everyday you can check out here. I like to still do on those days where you have less time to get things done but still want the house to look put together.

If you want to see my past cleaning routine you can find it here. Also, the past kids chores here.


If you have any tips or want to share your routine comment below.




Seven Things I do everyday to keep the house clean

Thought I would share with you my MUST do chores that help make the house look clean & tidy even when I haven’t done my weekly cleaning. It’s simple and doesn’t take much time to do. Even on my lazy days these get done. This helps also with not letting things pile & your home is always tidy.

1. Every night dishes are done

2. Wipe down of counters & appliances

3. Quick pick up around the house (every night)

4.Every morning make beds and pick up around bedrooms

5.Quick wipe down of bathrooms

6. Vacuum main floor

7. A load of laundry every night

With a 4 kids I need to stay on top of things or the house would be completely upside down. Now I am not perfect and at times I may not make the beds or wash those dishes but most of the list will get done, especially when its been a crazy day or kids/myself are ill. With me normally keeping to these daily tasks of my musts, it helps not being so bad if a day is missed. I normally wake up before the kids to drink my coffee in peace and get any chores started.

What are your must daily to do’s? Comment below

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January 2016 Challenge: January 27th, 2016

Basement Day: 3

*If you missed Day:1 of the Basement  & Day 2: of the Basement Challenge I recommend checking that post out first and start with that before starting Day: 3 of the Basement Challenge.

Today is the final day for our Basement Challenge.

  • Dust areas of basement (even if you have a unfinished basement you can dust your hot water tank, furnace, any surface or selves, etc…) & wipe down with a damp  cloth
  • Check your furnace filter to see if it needs to be changed
  • Check any other type of machine (ex: water softener, water filter system, etc…) to see if filters need to be changed or maintenance needs to be done.
  • If you have the filters already at home change if needed, if you don’t make a note of what is needed. As soon as the list is done, go put it in your purse so that you will remember to get it the next time your out.
  • Any remaining items or boxes, bins, containers etc… insure it gets all put away
  • Wipe down any furniture and decor pieces (if your basement is finished)
  • Turn on your warmer with your fav scent or spray the basement with your favourite air freshener, or turn on any plug ins you have down there, to give it a fresh nice scent
  • Give your whole basement a good vacuum (if your basement is finished do the baseboards as well.
  • If you have finished basement with floors you can mop, give them a good mop

*Remember the declutter bin/baskets/containers you did on January 3rd if there is one for today’s room then put the items away where they belong. Or if you added a new one from today’s challenge put it in the room it belongs and remember when the day of that room comes to also put away those items in there places.


Did you complete the 3 Day Basement Challenge? Was is better to have the basement tasks spilt into 3 days? I shared a picture on Instagram of some of the garbage I got out of mine.

My basement is unfinished, but the amount of things that I tossed & donated feels amazing and the basement feels refreshed, nice, organized, cleaned, & now rents can continue as everything is nicely packed and well sealed.

Share your before and after pictures on Twitter &/or Instagram with hashtag #realhousewifeandmomjanuary2016

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