Moving Series: Cleaning Current Home

This post is going to be a quick one.

I thought I would share my current cleaning routine of our house, I keep it real quick not really much detail cleaning as when we move and the house is empty I will be coming back to give it one last good clean for the new home owners. First I would say make lists of your must do’s, want needs to be done, and the final list of what’s left.

I continue to clean kitchen daily, bathrooms quick wipe downs during the week and a good clean one a week. Vacuuming still happens daily (apart of kids chores) and mopping as it needs. As I get a cupboard, drawer, or space empty I give it a good clean to spend less time once the final cleaning comes along. This helps to not be having to wipe cupboards, drawers, selves, etc… when you have other areas that will need your time the day you clean to prepare it for the new owners.

My time is focused on packing and getting things going and since I have a chance to return once the we move that helps a lot with less deep cleaning to happen now. I also take this time to wash blankets, rugs, decor pillows, etc…. to insure they have enough time to dry and can be packed clean and ready to be set in place at the new house. I also keep up with laundry with a load a day and as certain clothes won’t be needed to afterwards I pack them instead of returning it to the drawer or closet when they won’t be worn.

My routine would be different if we were moving the same day of closing the sold house and I wouldn’t be able to wait until the move to clean. I would need to plan a task of a good cleaning daily until closing, which I have done in the past.


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Moving Series: Create a Routine

Creting a routine is so important in our lives, life is busy and we can have a lot to do in our daily lives. I have posted my Updated Daily Cleaning routine which you can check out here. With that being said my routine does change when I have my house for sale. I am a busy working mom of four, so I live on routines.

My AM Routine: I am always up before my kids & this helps getting things done. These are things as well that I do before leaving the house for the day.

  1. Quick run thru of all floors, put away anything that doesn’t belong
  2. Clean any mirrors or glass if required
  3. Any laundry that needs to be put away (either clean clothes or clothes for wash)
  4. Bed making (14yr old & 11 yr old make their own)
  5. Bathroom quick clean of surfaces (after we are done & clear surfaces)
  6. Load dishwasher, wash any dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher, & start dishwasher.
  7. Wipe kitchen counters
  8. Clean sink
  9. Quick sweep of kitchen floor
  10. Trash out

Kids Afternoon School Chores:

  1. Empty backpacks and lunch bags (items & backpacks are put away where they belong and stuff to wash in the sink)
  2. Vacuum of main floor
  3. Shoes, jackets, sweaters out away
  4. School containers, after schools snack dishes washed
  5. Unload dishwasher

PM Routine: I normal only do a the first few items while the kids are up, the rest is done when they are in bed.

  1. Load dishwasher
  2. A load of laundry
  3. Clean kitchen including sink
  4. Clean major appliances ( I have stainless steel appliances so there is always a hand print somewhere, lol.)
  5. After kids are in bed, sweep kitchen
  6. Sweep entry way, clean entry door (my door is glass so there’s always finger prints)
  7. Mop floors (normally only kitchen area requires it as it is dark wood and leaves foot prints)
  8. Quick clean of bathrooms
  9. Bring any dirty laundry to the laundry room
  10. Quick pick up or clean of all floors
  11. If any, put laundry away (with doing a load a day there is usually laundry to be put away)
  12. Take out the younger kids clothes for the next day
  13. Prepare anything I &/or kids need for the next day
  14. Every other day or so I sweep the porch


I am not a professional and my routine might not work for you, but you can take mine and create what works for you & your family. I like sharing and that is the whole point of me blogging, even if only one of my tips help someone it is worth it.

The reason I have posted the deep cleaning task post prior this one is because during the time your house is on the market and open to viewings, it so important to have a clean and tidy home. Doing the hard part first helps insure that your routine is more of an up keep to your deep cleaning job. It is also the key to having and insuring that your home is kept up with during this time without the stress and without having to feel overwhelmed that you have only an hour but more then an hours work before someone will be there for a viewing.

When you have time and you see something that may need some detail cleaning, do it when you see there is time, but don’t let it wait  as the list will begin to pile.
I still deep clean my bathrooms once a week, normally a Friday night or early Saturday morning & that also goes for changing bedsheets & kitchen. Mind you if the an area requires it before then I will do it normally in the late evening where I know the phone won’t ring for a viewing.

I plan to continue to share. I will continue to share it as the Moving Series for my tips and what I do once this house is sold and I am preparing for the move.
Also, let me know by commenting below if you would like me to share about the actual move to the new place, my cleaning (the new place), unpacking, etc… plans for our new house.


Do you know someone who is going to sale their home & they may enjoy this series? Share the blog series with them.

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Moving Series: Cleaning Prior To Sale

We are almost there! If you just turned in and want to check out the first post to the moving series, you can here.

It is now time to give your house one deep cleaning. When your house is listed you don’t want to do any deep cleaning that will take to much time. Once the house is up for sale, all you want to do is up keep, quick cleaning jobs. So tackle them earlier on so that the up keep of your home is so much easier.

Here is my deep cleaning jobs I tackle first;

Front door and entry way to the home:

  1. Baseboards
  2. Walls (spot clean)
  3. Doors & Windows
  4. Dust
  5. Floors


  1. Baseboards
  2. Walls (spot clean)
  3. Doors (ex: pantry, etc..)
  4. Good clean of cupboards and drawers (outside surfaces)
  5. Fridge & Freezer
  6. Stove & Oven
  7. Appliances
  8. Sink (always leave clean and dish free) I also clean the pipe thru with baking soda & vinegar
  9. Patio door & tracks
  10. Floors


  1. Baseboards
  2. Walls (spot clean)
  3. Doors & Windows
  4. Deep clean
  5. Add a toilet bowl fresher to your tank or toilet bowl.
  6. Floors
  7. Hide away laundry baskets
  8. Don’t leave your towels hanging (not talking decorative)


All other rooms:

  1. Baseboards
  2. Walls (spot clean)
  3. Doors & Windows
  4. Dust
  5. Furniture
  6. Floors


Other Tips:

  1. Keep less toys out. Keeping more used toys in bins keeps from all the toys being left everywhere. (kids still need to play, but keeping what the love most is easier for less mess to happen)
  2. Keep laundry room clutter free, keep up with laundry so you don’t have piles on the floor or many baskets out.
  3. Office desk, clutter free (create a bin for those last min throw ins)
  4. Washing bedding and blankets prior to give that extra freshness. Also, helps that they are done and all you need is changing and washing bed-sheets.
  5. Give all the decor in all rooms a good wipe down, you don’t want to be having to cleaning those things with your time is short.
  6. Get rid of large trash & donate items that you may have in the garage or basement (or wherever lol) and those trash/donate bags.


Getting these harder tasks done prior saves a lot of time. You may have to spot clean a wall and/or door here and there (especially with kids) but it will not be as much or in all the areas. Give all the decor in all rooms a good wipe down, you don’t want to be having to be cleaning those things with your time is short. This is also to get rid of large trash & donate items that you may have in the garage or basement and those trash/donate bags.

Congrats! Your house is ready for the market. Insure to come up with a morning & evening routine to help you keep up with your home without stressing. I will be sharing mine in the next post, so stay tuned for that.

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Moving Series: Getting Ready To List Part: 1

Hello friends!

This post will be about everything I did to get ready for the House going on the market. I do suggest that the minute you know you will be listing your home, start working. Even if there is still a month or 2 before, get on it.
I use to get very overwhelmed thinking I had lots of time to get the house ready, it’s a lot of work to do and life still goes on and the next thing I knew we had to rush, rush, rush. So, now I get on it right away.

First I get together some sort of notebook, think of categories and get some post it flag notes of some kind to start the process. I also print a current & next month calendar to write on & plan before writing it in my planner as I use them for a rough copy.



Tabs for my  notebook.

Make lists of areas you need to get to first.  Make a second list of the areas that you would like to get to and what needs to be done. Tackling the harder parts first makes it easier and not too overwhelming to do the rest, also you wont have the harder jobs in the end. Always do the bigger tasks first. Also, make a list of projects while you are checking each floor, like if any area needs painting, a light bulb to be changed, even if a piece of furniture is to be moved out. So you are not always wasting to much time everyday with walk thru and lists.





Here we go;

Get some boxes, bins, tape, garbage bags.

Declutter! I start with the most cluttered places like closets, junk drawers, kitchen counters, bathroom counters, pantry, basement, office, & toy room.

I go thru used items, get rid of things not needed, & pack the things we wont be using or needing until after the move.

Go thru each floor. When you have time to work with before the actual listing of the house that helps. When going thru each floor think of what you can pack, stage the house with (if needed) and write everything down. Pack extra decor or unneeded decor. It does save time when having to clean in a rush.

Kitchen-pack up things in cupboards and drawers you know you won’t be using, if you can empty out a lower cupboard you can store appliances that you may use a lot that sit on your counter. I have done that and it is a huge help to have things I need but don’t want them on the counter so that I can free up the clutter. It helps make it feel and look bigger. It’s also a huge time saver to not have to wipe them down all the time. Out of sight but still in arms reach.

De-personalize! Clear that fridge, pack up those pictures & art work & even notes that you have hanging on the fridge. Clear picture frames from furniture. I have heard that the more pictures you have and the more it feels like your home a buyer can’t see themselves in that home. Not saying you can’t have your kids or family pictures but limit the amount of them all around the house. Pack up kids artwork you may have out on display.

To have less out saves time means less to clean, easier to up keep with and makes spaces feel bigger. You want it to almost be like a staged model home. Of course we live in our houses and we have kids and animals, but things that aren’t needed out and aren’t something we use can get packed away. This also makes it much easier to up keep for viewings and open houses.

Want to share some tips, comment below.


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Guess what’s happening again, LOL.

We are moving! This time I am a working mom of 4 and going to be getting the house ready for listing, then viewings, and of course moving.

I thought I would do posts on different stages of this process.

Being a working mom now and just starting to figure out a schedule for my blog postings, I want to share still because I love to, but I don’t have the same time for it like before. With my returning to blogging I still want to put all effort into it, for a good read, useful tips, etc… so I will be taking lots pictures and maybe even a video here and there.

We are so excited to have a backyard again (which this current house, doesn’t have) I am hoping that the excitement part will help with the stress of preparing our current house for sale & viewings. I am not sure about you, but viewings stress me out & more so now with the thought of the up keep of having everything perfect with me working & four kids.

So, I am thinking of sharing everything  I do to get the house ready for sale. Then to getting ready for the ongoing viewing part of the process and then moving. I am also thinking of sharing the move, cleaning, unpacking etc… Let me know if you are interested in that. Now I am no pro, but I have moved a few times and would like to share tips, methods, etc…. that have worked for us.

By the time you read this, we have sold our current home & I am now working on the getting ready to Move Process which I will be sharing with you all.

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I thought I would share my tips with you for de-cluttering, I always ask myself questions when I am stuck on an item to let go of.

  1. When is the last time I wore it?
  2. Will I ever wear it again?
  3. How many do I have of this? (Same or similar)
  4. How often do we use it?
  5. Is there a use for it?
  6. Why am I keeping this?

Of course when not in doubt no need to ask myself these questions, I use it for when I am stuck on letting go or keeping something.

For example, I use to have everything from baby/toddler years for all 4 of my kids. Boxes and boxes full stored in the basement. I am a mom of 4, so let me tell you there where way too many boxes taking up space that really didn’t need to. Yes, I still have boxes (containers), but they are now down to one container per child. In each of those boxes are things I could really not let go of, memories, special moments, & outfits of special moments. I also kept one outfit that I knew would not go out of style that maybe one day they would like to take for their own baby. There is also their favorite baby stuffy, 1 only. Why I was keeping everything I have no idea, maybe I was not ready to let go of it. So, from over 20 boxes I am down to 4 clear containers with lids, 1 for each child. I feel good about it, lots of freed up space, most importantly I know everything in each bin is important and I always have easy access to them now.

I use these questions all the time for my clothing items, as for some reason I always hold on to items/pieces I think I will use again, when truth be told I don’t. These questions actually help me let go quicker now.
The other area of my home I need these questions for in order to get the ball rolling in purging is my kitchen & party supply space. I always think “Oh what if I need this when we have a get together or large number of people for a party” truth on that is yes there are some things required and actually used, but not everything. Honestly, I have changed to white dishes and severing pieces instead of what I use to have. White goes with every theme & color and never goes out of style. Prior to getting the white dishes I let go of the items I didn’t need/want and held onto the ones I use and wanted to replace with white ones. Once I found those pieces in white, I let go of the others right away.

What are some of your De-cluttering tips/questions? I would love to hear them so comment below.

How To Be More Productive 

Hi friends,

Thought I would share my tips that help be be more productive to get things done. These especially help me on those crazy does where I don’t have a lot of time to work with. It also helps me on those “lazy days” when you really don’t want to get moving.

  1. Lists-make a list of must do’s, not everything you want to do but of the things that are top priority. 
  2. No distractions, this is a big one. We waste alot of time checking our phones and once we pick it up to check one thing it doesn’t end there. Next thing an 1 hr is wasted. No other electronics either, as something might be interesting and we will stop to watch.
  3. Have routines in place (ex: morning and evening) of chores so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you need to take care of those “must dos” 
  4. On the days you have things you must get done, focus on only those until they are done. If you have time once completing those you can then do something else you would like to do.
  5. Have everyone in your family help thru out the day with chores. (Ex. Gets the kids to take out the trash at the end of the day, get everyone to load the dishwasher of any dishes they use, etc..) if everything is on you alone you will get very overwhelmed 
  6. Get a planner- now it doesn’t have to be expensive a simple one from the dollar store, whatever planner works for you. Plan everything in it, work days, kids events, appt, bills, to do’s. Everything all in one place. Review and plan every night and in the morning take a quick glance at it. This will also help you to not over do yourself. You can see how busy a day is ahead of time and you can change a to do or a list of things around to when it works for you.
  7. Make a list of things you want to do or get to and on less busy days you can go to the list and get a few things done or even just one and even if it’s just one off the list it’s still awesome and that’s one thing off the list. 

These are a few tips that help me stay on track. Since I started working I was over doing things and feeling like I wasn’t getting a hang of things around the house or errands because time was not enough. Now I plan accordingly and a morning & evening routine also help me sooooo much. Morning and evening routines have helped me way before I was even a working mom. I also swear by my planner, a family of 6 and now a puppy, there is always something and could be so easy to lose track of.

Do you have any tips or/& advice you would like to share with us? Comment below I would love to hear them.